MMAOddsBreaker Staff Picks – UFC Fight Night 85 has returned for 2016 and just like last year, we’re keeping a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events. Everyone has a clean slate with the new year, and we’ve added one new staff member to the our special picks chart this time around. After seven events thus far in 2016, Jay Primetown is in first place with a 58-29 overall record (66.7%). Nick Kalikas and Gabe Killian are tied for second place at 55-32. There were two unanimous picks for this event out of 12 fights in total (Antonio Carlos Jr, Alan Jouban). The most contentious pick was Richard Walsh vs Viscardi Andrade (Walsh 4 – Andrade 4). Without further ado: UFC Fight Night 85

 UFN 85 G. Killian J. Lynch B. Taschuk B. Hemminger N. Kalikas J. Primetown B. Wharton R. Doxtater
 Fight #1  Patrick  Patrick  Patrick  Patrick  Patrick  Patrick  Patrick  Brown
 Fight #2  Laprise  Laprise  Laprise  Laprise  Laprise  Laprise  Laprise  Pearson
 Fight #3  Andrade  Andrade  Walsh  Andrade  Walsh  Walsh  Walsh  Andrade
 Fight #4  Nakai  Smith  Nakai  Smith  Smith  Smith  Smith  Nakai
 Fight #5  Eddiva  Hooker  Hooker  Hooker  Eddiva  Eddiva  Hooker  Hooker
 Fight #6  Jouban  Jouban  Jouban  Jouban  Jouban  Jouban  Jouban  Jouban
 Fight #7  Ham  Ham  Ham  Ham  Ham  Rawlings  Ham  Rawlings
 Fight #8  Bosse  Te Huna  Te Huna  Te Huna  Te Huna*  Te Huna  Bosse  Te Huna
 Fight #9  Carlos Jr  Carlos Jr  Carlos Jr  Carlos Jr  Carlos Jr  Carlos Jr  Carlos Jr  Carlos Jr
 Fight #10  Case  Case  Case  Matthews  Matthews  Case  Case  Matthews
 Fight #11  Lombard  Magny  Lombard  Lombard  Lombard  Lombard  Magny  Magny
 Fight #12  Mir  Mir  Mir  Hunt  Mir  Mir  Hunt  Hunt
 Last Event  7-5  4-8  5-7  6-6  4-8  7-5  4-8  5-7
 2016 Record  55-32  46-41  42-45  54-33  55-32  58-29  47-40  48-39

*Nick switched his pick from Bosse to Te Huna after discovering the bout was at 205 pounds instead of middleweight Everyone also has a draw on their record due to the Levan Makashvili vs Damon Jackson bout. Previous 2016 MMAOB Staff Picks UFC 196 UFC Fight Night 84 UFC Fight Night 83 UFC Fight Night 82 UFC on Fox 18 UFC Fight Night 81 UFC 195 Final Results 2015 Final Results 2014

Written by Brian Hemminger

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