Adam Martin

Adam Martin is our top MMA reporter. When he is not creating the compelling content you will find on MMA Odds Breaker, he is watching and studying MMA fighting odds.

Brian Hemminger

Brian is focused on getting MMA Odds Breaker the latest tips and breaking news articles. He is a powerhouse behind our site.

Jay Primetown

Jay lives and breaths MMA. When he gives our handicappers and audience an update, or comes up with the latest scoop, people pay attention.

Kyle Marley

Kyle is a legend in the MMA industry and when you read his analysis and news reports, you quickly realize why.

Reed Kuhn

Reed has an awesome, data driven way of analyzing sporting events. Here at MMA Odds Breaker we are honored to have him on board, his view points are so special, they really complement our reporting.

Mikes MMA Picks

Mike’s picks strike terror into the hearts of bookies. That is why we are so excited to have him as a writer for MMAOB!

Chris White

Chris brings with him an wealth of detailed knowledge of MMA that is hard to rival. His prop bet articles are can’t miss!

Pig Lord

Pig Lord will say what he thinks when he thinks. Even when some of us wouldn’t dare say it. And that’s why we love him.

AJs Bets

Brad’s style is so unique, it makes the perfect addition to our existing roster of reporters.


The first time I read Jack’s articles something clicked. It’s like his thinking just jived with mine, expanding what I knew. His writing is amazing.

MMA OddsBreaker

The group analysis from the team here at MMA Odds Breaker helps provide a consolidated look at current events in a single, unified area.

Brad Wharton

Brad’s style is so unique, it makes the perfect addition to our existing roster of reporters.

Betting Bruiser

Betting Bruiser’s blunt style and strong opinions sometimes clash with others, but he is always knowledgeable and brings up great points.

James Lynch

When the Ice Patrol puts out an update, the betting world listens. Find out the latest scoop and direct interviews with MMA Odds Breakers very own James Lynch.

Frank Trigg

Frank has written over 900 articles on MMA Odds Breaker. His concise and smart analysis are always a welcome addition.

Gabe Killian

When you hear Gabe speak, his deep knowledge and love for the sport are evident. Add to it that he is also a great writer and reporter, and you get an amazing sports blogger.

MMA Odds Breaker Staff

Quirky and impromptu, MMA Guru mixes depth of analysis with well spirited banter. Up to the minute reporting with a twist.


An account for the MMA Odds Breaker staff to provide their own insight while bringing coffee to our main handicappers.