WrestleMania 31 Preview and Latest Odds

maxresdefaultWe have come full circle. One year ago at WrestleMania 30 we all experienced one of the most amazing and unpredictable of WWE’s annual spectacles ever, thanks in large part to Brock Lesnar ending the longest running streak in WrestleMania history – The Undertaker being undefeated. We’ve been hearing about it from Paul Heyman ever since – “The Beast Incarnate” Lesnar became the ONE behind the 1 in 21-1. A year later it still feels odd to consider that went all-in on Brock Lesnar to the degree that they broke the most legendary record in the modern era of pro wrestling, but at least it makes sense given that they had Lesnar tear his way through the competition in WWE, claiming the unified World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam and keeping a death grip on it ever since. Those who got in on Lesnar as a longshot before Mania cashed in big, but he stayed the favorite in every match since, and that makes the odds for WrestleMania 31 something of a surprise. Although former Shield member Roman Reigns has been pushed strong month after month since WrestleMania last year, culminating in winning the title shot at this year’s Royal Rumble, vocal fan backlash against his push has had many people doubting he would end Lesnar’s reign of terror at Mania. Further complicating matters was the recent news that Lesnar renewed his WWE contract for three years. Reigns winning seemed to make sense when Lesnar’s contract was set to expire the day after WrestleMania 31, but now that Lesnar is in the fold for the long haul and everyone hates Reigns he’d HAVE to retain this year. Right? Not according to the latest odds. As it stands right now, Reigns is a -175 favorite to beat Brock Lesnar for the title (end of broadcast ruling) and Lesnar is the +135 underdog to retain. I’m still wrapping my head around that one. Obviously the odds makers and breakers have got a good source on this one, but I wouldn’t be shocked if that line swings before the PPV – after all it did for Lesnar vs. Taker last year. There are plenty of other interesting lines for WrestleMania 31 though. For example you can actually bet on whether or not The Rock will appear during the broadcast. He’s hosting Saturday Night Live the night before the show, so he’d have to catch a private jet to California to be there, but thanks to a lot of winking and nodding from Dwayne Johnson he’s actually a -150 favorite to appear, +110 to not show up. The Sting vs. Triple H match has generated a lot of buzz, but the result seems a foregone conclusion as “The Vigilante” is -825 to beat the voice of “The Authority” at +475. Fan favorite Daniel Bryan is also the betting favorite for the Intercontinental Title ladder match, -350 against the field. John Cena is the -600 favorite to end Rusev’s reign as the United States Champion (+400) and Undertaker is expected to avenge last year’s loss (-460) in his fight with Bray Wyatt (+320). As always these previews are for entertainment purposes only. Professional wrestling outcomes change based on the whims of Vince McMahon and the writers of WWE, so if you’re betting remember that you’re looking at what’s “best for business” as Triple H says, not the individual strengths or weaknesses of the actual performers. Please wager only what you can afford. Enjoy WrestleMania 31!

Written by Stevie J

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