Verbal Submission MMA Podcast: UFC 174 Fallout Discussion

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another MMA podcast hosted on This time around, the site is bringing in The Verbal Submission, a podcast that’s been around for over three and a half years and is hosted by yours truly. What can you expect from this show?

  • Get to know new fighters – We search out top prospects and lesser known fighters to help give them a chance to showcase themselves
  • Compelling interviews – We have a wide variety of guests, from fighters to coaches and more and we don’t ask the same boring questions.
  • Entertaining MMA discussion – Myself and co-hosts Gerry Rodriguez and Ben Thapa rarely agree on anything so expect constant debate

In today’s episode, we were supposed to speak to Jesse Taylor, but I screwed up and accidentally forgot to edit the show-length from the default setting of 15 minutes. Instead, I was able to use the “overtime” period to talk with my co-host Richard Perry about UFC 174 for about half an hour before ending the show prematurely to interview Taylor privately (which will be posted sometime this week). You, the lucky listener, get to revel in my blunder so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Download link: Verbal Submission Ep. 178

Written by Brian Hemminger

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