WrestleMania 30 Preview and Latest Odds

wrestlemania-30The Road to WrestleMania is finally coming to an end. For fans of the confines of the squared circle, this moment only comes once every twelve months, but it is the culmination of the dreams and hopes of millions. At times I get lost in the excitement of it all – and that’s because I’ve grown up with this event since childhood. They were playing Super Bowls before I was born, the World Series dates back to my great grandparents, but I feel like the mania of WrestleMania belongs to me. Thankfully though it’s not too late for you to grab a little piece of WrestleMania for yourself. There are some things that you can count on at a WrestleMania event, like the sun rising in the East and setting in the West, and one of those things is the Undertaker’s undefeated streak. On the initial ruling he’s a -3000 favorite over Brock Lesnar at +1300, and on the final ruling at the end of the PPV he’s -7500 to +2500. That line seems solid given that Taker currently stands at 21-0 on “The Grandest Stage of Them All” but every year one asks “Will the streak ever end?” I don’t think 2014 is the year but you may want to chance it. Some wrestling writers feel Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H is the REAL main event of WrestleMania 30. It certainly has the most build – at least 8 months worth of it dating back to SummerSlam last year. That’s part of the reason Bryan is such a favorite right now at -1500/+700 initially and an even larger -4500/+1500 by the show’s end. There’s little reason to build him up for this long and not (pun intended) pay it off here. That also makes him a favorite for the triple threat world heavyweight title match if he qualifies for it at -2000 versus +1000 for the field. The deck is severely stacked for everybody else. Current champion Orton is +4000 and the field -16000. Batista fares slightly better at +1800 to -5400. If Triple H somehow beats Bryan and gets in he gets the same odds as Orton. Your close money lines are on the undercard matches for this sports entertainment extravaganza. Bray Wyatt is -420 for an end of PPV ruling with opponent John Cena being +300. This is one of those lines where on one hand the favorite makes sense given Cena can “get his win back” at any event but Bray Wyatt NEEDS a win at Mania to be established. On the other hand if Vince McMahon thinks it will hurt Cena’s merchandise sales he could change his mind on a whim. The Usos may be a play in the pre-show tag match for similar reasons – McMahon could opt for a title change to give the show a “hot start” and ALL of their opponents are +300 with the Usos -420. The Shield are heavy favorites at -900 over Kane & The New Age Outlaws at +500, but your closest line of WM30 is AJ Lee at -185 to retain against 13 other divas (collectively +145). That’s the hot action if you ask me. Please remember when betting WWE’s that the outcomes may be predetermined, but that the last minute decisions of the writers creating those outcomes are not. Luck always favors the bold, but if you choose to be bold, please be responsible and wager only what you can afford.

Written by Stevie J

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