Early Thoughts on UFC 170 main event featuring Ronda Rousey vs Sara McMann

Sheila-GaffUltimate Fighting Championship (UFC) recently announced the headliner for UFC 170 on February 22nd will be Ronda Rousey versus Sara McMann. The match is a bit of a surprise and a rush, as Rousey recently competed at the end of December, and McMann’s name only recently surfaced as a potential opponent for the controversial women’s Bantamweight Champion. Nevertheless it is an appealing matchup, and it is understandable why UFC wants to get Rousey back in the ring, since she is likely its number one asset at this time. We are going to hear a lot about McMann’s pre-MMA resume, as she was an Olymic wrestler who earned a Silver medal (compared to Rousey’s bronze in Judo). Though Rousey’s background is impressive, Judo overall compared to wrestling is simply a sport on a smaller scale. McMann may be the only woman in MMA right now besides Cristina ‘Cyborg’ who can match up physically with Rousey’s athleticism. In MMA however, McMann is 7-0 (Rousey sits at 8-0) but she has been coming along more slowly in putting the whole package together, earning several methodical wins along the way. Then there are just basic facts of economics. Rousey is a freight train on that end, and has support of training partners, supplements and structure at the highest level. Sara McMann is 1-0 in the UFC, and she made a whopping $12,000 for that fight, so despite a lifetime of athletic training and great support from the wrestling community, she just doesnt have access to the same level of support in MMA because of money. All this will result in a typically Rousey-like line. She currently hovers around 5-1 as a favorite and it is almost sure to skyrocket. After all, as this is being written, at random, Rousey is the number one trend on google. McMann was thought to be a potential threat long term to Rousey, with some seasoning. Why would the UFC rush into this match? Rousey has talked about the four year cycle of the Olympics that she is used to, and this is her fourth year in MMA, so the champion may be heading for some time off. So the UFC may not have time to develop opponents. McMann is a good bet. The UFC doesn’t lose if Rousey wins in a run over, and should McMann be impressive, they could have a long term rival for Rousey. What is most likely to happen is Rousey, who is young, will leave for a while, try movies and hopefully come back. Anyone seen Gina Carano lately? McMann could be waiting on her return. All McMann needs to do is go the distance. Even in a loss, that would clearly set her apart from the rest of the field. Should she have impressive moments in the fight, or even somehow manage a win, then the UFC has their instant rival for the controversial Rousey.

Written by Miguel

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