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New Year, new contest! has returned for 2017 and just like last year, we’re keeping a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events. Everyone has a clean slate with the new year, and we’ve returned one new staff member to the our special picks chart this time around. Here are the staff members who will be participating this year along with what they do to help our site: Gabe Killian – MMAOB lead staff writer Vegas Matty – MMAOB editor James Lynch – MMAOB staff writer and interviewer extraordinairre Brad Taschuk – MMAOB staff writer and co-host of The MMA Analysis podcast Brian Hemminger – MMAOB managing editor and co-host of The Premium Oddscast Nick Kalikas – Professional Oddsmaker, owner of and co-host of The Premium Oddscast Jay Primetown – MMAOB staff writer and co-host of The MMA Analysis podcast Brad Wharton – MMAOB feature writer Robert Doxtater – MMAOB feature writer After the first event of the year, Brian Hemminger is alone in first place with an 11-1 mark (91.6%). Brad Taschuk is right on his heels with a picks score of 10-2. There were two unanimous picks out of 12 fights in total (Jordan Johnson, Francis Ngannou). The most contentious fights were Jason Gonzalez vs JC Cottrell (Gonzalez 5 – Cottrell 4), Alexandre Pantoja vs Eric Shelton (Pantoja 5 – Shelton 4), Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs Jeremy Kimball (de Lima 4 – Kimball 5), Bobby Nash vs Li Jingliang (Nash 4 – Jingliang 5) and Valentina Shevchenko vs Julianna Pena (Shevchenko 5 – Pena 4). Without further ado: UFC on Fox 23

 UFC 195 G. Killian V. Matty J. Lynch B. Taschuk B. Hemminger N. Kalikas J. Primetown B. Wharton R. Doxtater
 Fight #1  Gonzalez  Cottrell  Gonzalez  Cottrell  Gonzalez  Gonzalez*  Cottrell  Cottrell  Gonzalez
 Fight #2  Shelton  Pantoja  Pantoja  Pantoja  Pantoja  Shelton  Shelton  Shelton  Pantoja
 Fight #3  Kimball  de Lima  Lima  Kimball  Lima  Kimball*  Kimball  Kimball  Lima
 Fight #4  Di Chirico  Spicely  Spicely  Chirico  Spicely  Chirico  Chirico  Chirico  Chirico
 Fight #5  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson
 Fight #6  Nash  Nash  Nash  Jingliang  Jingliang  Nash  Jingliang  Jingliang  Jingliang
 Fight #7  Sterling  Sterling  Assuncao  Assuncao  Assuncao  Assuncao  Assuncao  Assuncao  Sterling
 Fight #8  Alvey  Alvey  Alvey  Alvey  Alvey  Alvey  Alvey  Alvey  Marquardt
 Fight #9  Knight  Knight  Knight  Knight  Caceres  Caceres  Knight  Caceres  Knight
 Fight #10  Ngannou  Ngannou  Ngannou  Ngannou  Ngannou  Ngannou  Ngannou  Ngannou  Ngannou
 Fight #11  Masvidal  Cerrone  Cerrone  Cerrone  Cerrone  Masvidal  Cerrone  Cerrone  Cerrone
 Fight #12  Pena  Pena  Shevchenko  Pena  Shevchenko  Shev.  Pena  Shev.  Shev.
 Last Event  8-4  8-4  9-3  10-2  11-1  9-3  8-4  6-6  9-3
 2017 Record  8-4  8-4  9-3  10-2  11-1  9-3  8-4  6-6  9-3

*Nick switched his Premium Oddscast picks to Jason Gonzalez and Jeremy Kimball following the weigh-ins 2017 Results UFC Fight Night 103 Final Results 2016 Final Results 2015 Final Results 2014

Written by Brian Hemminger

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