MMAOddsBreaker Staff Picks: UFC 237

mma, ufc, ufc 237, odds, betting, picks, bets, staff picks, mmaoddsbreaker, mmaob, ufc 237 picks’s picks contest has returned for 2019 and just like last year, we’re keeping a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events.

After 14 events thus far in 2019, we have quite a battle brewing for the top spot. Brad Taschuk is first place with an overall picks score of 111-62 (64.2%). Nick Kalikas is currently in second place with a picks score of 110-63. Kyle Marley and Robert Doxtater is only four picks back from the overall lead, sitting in third place at 107-66. Out of 12 fights, there were two unanimous picks (Raoni Barcelos and Clay Guida). The most contentious picks were Luana Carolina vs Priscila Cachoeira (Carolina 5 – Cachoeira 5), Laureano Staropoli vs Thiago Alves (Staropoli 5 – Alves 5) and Anderson Silva vs Jarod Cannonier (Silva 5 – Cannonier 5)

Without further ado: UFC 237

UFC 237 A. Martin K. Marley B. Taschuk B. Hemminger N. Kalikas J. Primetown B. Wharton R. Doxtator C. White P. Lord
Fight#1 Bernardo Bernardo Araujo Bernardo Bernardo Bernardo Bernardo Bernardo Bernardo Araujo
Fight#2 Barcelos Barcelos Barcelos Barcelos Barcelos Barcelos Barcelos Barcelos Barcelos Barcelos
Fight#3 Carolina Cachoeira Cachoeira Carolina Carolina Cachoeira Cachoeira Cachoeira Carolina Carolina
Fight#4 Guida Guida Guida Guida Guida Guida Guida Guida Guida Guida
Fight#5 Alves Alves Moraes Alves Alves Alves Alves Alves Moraes Alves
Fight#6 Holobaugh Moises Moises Holobaugh Moises Moises Moises Moises Moises Holobaugh
Fight#7 Spann Spann Spann Spann Spann Spann Nogueira Spann Spann Nogueira
Fight#8 Aldana Aldana Correia Aldana Aldana Correia Aldana Correia Aldana Aldana
Fight#9 Staropoli Staropoli Alves Staropoli Staropoli Alves Alves Alves Staropoli Alves
Fight#10 Aldo Volkanovski Aldo Volkanovski Volkanovski Aldo Aldo Aldo Aldo Aldo
Fight#11 Silva Silva Cannonier Silva Cannonier Silva Cannonier Silva Cannonier Cannonier
Fight#12 Andrade Namajunas Andrade Andrade Andrade Andrade Andrade Namajunas Andrade Andrade
 Last Event  4-8  11-1  8-4  7-5  9-3  6-6  5-7  8-4  8-4  9-3
 2019 Record  100-73  107-66  111-62  98-75  110-63  106-67  101-72  107-66  105-68  102-71

2019  Results

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Final Results 2018 – Winner: Brian Hemminger

Final Results 2017 -Winner: Nick Kalikas

Final Results 2016 -Winner: Nick Kalikas

Final Results 2015 – Winner: Brad Taschuk

Final Results 2014 -Winner: James Lynch


Written by Brian Hemminger

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