MMAOddsBreaker Staff Picks – UFC 221 has returned for 2018 and just like last year, we’re keeping a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events.

After four events thus far, we have quite a battle brewing for the top spot. Robert Doxtator and James Lynch are both currently tied in first place, each with a respective picks score of 30-15 (67%). Brad Wharton is only one spot behind and currently in second place with a picks score of 29-16. Rounding out the top three spots, Nick Kalikas is sitting in third place with a picks score of 28-17.

There were only three unanimous picks out of 12 fights in total for UFC 221 (Israel Adesanya, Tyson Pedro & Tai Tuivasa).

Without further ado: UFC 221

UFC 221 G. Killian K. Marley J. Lynch B. Taschuk B. Hemminger N. Kalikas J. Primetown B. Wharton R. Doxtator
Fight #1 Abe Abe Abe Abe Jumeau Abe Abe Abe Abe
Fight #2 Ishihara Quinon. Quinon. Quinon. Ishihara Ishihara Quinonez Ishihara Quinon.
Fight #3 Pearson Pearson Pearson Hirota Pearson Hirota Pearson Hirota Pearson
Fight #4 Formiga Formiga Formiga Formiga Nguyen Nguyen Formiga Formiga Nguyen
Fight #5 Volkan. Kennedy Volkan. Volkan. Volkan. Volkan. Kennedy Volkan. Volkan.
Fight #6 Adesan. Adesan. Adesan. Adesan. Adesanya Adesan. Adesanya Adesan. Adesan.
Fight #7 Brown Kim Kim Brown Kim Kim Kim Brown Kim
Fight #8 Pedro Pedro Pedro Pedro Pedro Pedro Pedro Pedro Pedro
Fight #9 Li Matthews Li Li Li Matthews Matthews Li Matthews
Fight #10 Tuivasa Tuivasa Tuivasa Tuivasa Tuivasa Tuivasa Tuivasa Tuivasa Tuivasa
Fight #11 Blaydes Blaydes Blaydes Blaydes Hunt Hunt Blaydes Blaydes Hunt
Fight #12 Rockhold Rockhold Rockhold Rockhold Romero  Romero  Rockhold Rockhold Rockhold
 Last Event  4-7  7-4  7-4  6-5  6-5  4-7  6-5  7-4  8-3
 2018 Record  25-20  25-20  30-15  23-22  25-20  28-17  24-21  29-16  30-15

2018 Results

UFC Fight Night 125
UFC 220
UFC Fight Night 124

Final Results 2017 -Winner: Nick Kalikas

Final Results 2016 -Winner: Nick Kalikas 

Final Results 2015 – Winner: Brad Taschuk

Final Results 2014 -Winner: James Lynch 

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