WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Preview and Latest Odds

wwe-money-in-the-bank-2014Following Extreme Rules last month on the WWE Network we’re back again for the seventh ever edition of Money in the Bank as a stand alone PPV. It’s also WWE’s first ever PPV at the T-Mobile Arena, which only opened a couple of months ago in Las Vegas. It’s also the first major “sports” event to take place at the venue, sneaking a little under a month ahead of the epic UFC 200 card which coincidentally enough will feature WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar making his UFC return to face Mark Hunt — and that’s not even the top match of that stacked up PPV. I put “sports” in quote though because while Brock Lesnar’s fight in July will be 100% unscripted and unplanned, betting on professional wrestling is entirely different. It never hurts to give the readers this reminder before we discuss the odds as such for WWE that they’re actually odds on the WRITERS scripting finishes. You might place your bet on The New Day retaining the tag titles in a four way, but that has nothing to do with them being superior athletes compared to the other three teams, and EVERYTHING to do with Vince McMahon and the creative team liking them better than the other three. Bet on the script, not on the man. Speaking of The New Day though they are a -185 favorite to retain with the underdogs in descending order being The Club (+220), Enzo Amore & Big Cass (+650) and The Vaudevillains (+2000). A bet on The Vaudevillains has virtually no chance of paying off. The Club (a/k/a The Bullet Club before they came to WWE) may seem like a good play, but since their friend and fellow New Japan stablemate Finn Balor is being called up to the main roster at any time, the writers won’t make their “big plans” for The Club before he arrives and we see if he re-joins the group or winds up feuding with them. If AJ Styles was in the world title match I wouldn’t be picking him for the same reason, but since he’s in a singles match with John Cena with nothing on the line, I like Styles as the -190 favorite. Cena isn’t a big enough dog at +150 to go for it, and he doesn’t need the win either to advance his story or to maintain his popularity. Giving Styles “the rub” here does way more for him in WWE going forward than having the long-time WWE veteran get the win. Roman Reigns is -350 to retain the aforementioned world title against Seth Rollins (+250), but don’t rule out the chance of the Money in the Bank winner cashing in during this match. If that’s Dean Ambrose (+225) we could have The Shield in a triple threat, so he’s a dog that might be worth playing, but Kevin Owens (-190) would be such a fantastic jerk as the guy who could cash in his briefcase at any time that it makes sense he’s the favorite. Be sure to check these lines frequently as they may change before the pre-show on Sunday night, and as always only wager what you can afford. Enjoy Money in the Bank!

Written by Stevie J

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