WWE MSG “Go to Hell” Tour Preview and Latest Odds

Brock LesnarThis show is a bit of an aberration in the WWE line-up. It’s not considered a “pay per view” as such, like Night of Champions last month. In fact the next official major event is Hell in a Cell on October 25th. That said this is an official “special event” as far as WWE is concerned – important enough to justify it being streamed live on the WWE Network on October 3rd. This isn’t just another house show – it’s THE show. It’s the one taking place at the traditional home of WWE on the East coast – Madison Square Garden – and it’s the first appearance of Brock Lesnar in that venue in over a decade. So yes, you’d better believe this show is a big deal, big enough that there are betting odds on who is going to win on Saturday. For the newcomers here I’ll preface this preview the way I always do – this is not a basketball game, a horse race or college football. You aren’t betting on the physical prowess of the athletes in professional wrestling, even though what they do is entirely athletic and as inherently risky as any pro sport in terms of their long-term health. What you are betting on here is the WRITERS. If someone is the favorite they are expected to win to advance a storyline. If someone is an underdog it means WWE would have to throw out the script and “book on the fly.” CEO Vince McMahon seems to do that at least once per show. Here’s what we know though based on the latest odds. The headline attraction for casual viewers, and perhaps for a lot of the live audience, is Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show. Lesnar is how the “Go to Hell” tour got its name, and as you might expect, he’s written in as a MASSIVE favorite over Big Show despite his gargantuan size and stature. Lesnar is as heavy of a favorite as I’ve ever seen at -17500. A +4500 comeback on Show just isn’t tempting enough. Unless Lesnar slips on a banana peel and a light fixture falls from the ceiling and traps him afterward, he’s winning this match. The actual main event in the building may be John Cena (-1350) vs. Seth Rollins (+650) for the United States title. Now this one is interesting because it’s being widely reported that Cena is taking time off soon for “personal reasons,” but that doesn’t start until after Hell in a Cell in three weeks. He’s probably got to drop that title before he goes on vacation, but does he drop it right back to Rollins again? The odds makers say no but this feels like a situation where a swerve is possible. Kevin Owens (-2000) is a sizable favorite to retain the Intercontinental Title over Chris Jericho (+1000) which I buy given Jericho is a part-timer. Randy Orton (-270) is a small favorite over Sheamus (+190) and in a surprise to me the Dudley Boyz and the New Day are a virtual coin flip at -120 EACH. Please remember that the outcomes are predetermined and these previews are for entertainment purposes, but if you do wager on professional wrestling to only bet what you can afford. Thanks and enjoy the live stream on WWE Network!

Written by Stevie J

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