WWE Night of Champions 2015 Preview and Latest Odds

wwe_night_of_champions_2015_official_poster_by_jahar145-d9776vbI’m probably too old school for my own good but I really wasn’t ready for another show yet after SummerSlam. There was something to be said about having 3-4 months between WWE (then WWF) shows that built up your anticipation for the next one. The TV build hasn’t excited me and as much as I respect Sting as a sports entertainment legend, the idea of him wrestling Seth Rollins for the undisputed WWE Heavyweight Title hasn’t lit my world on fire either. This feels like a PPV that didn’t need to happen and if it weren’t for the fact I’m already locked in at $9.99 per month I’d probably pass over it. Nevertheless if you’re a hardcore WWE junkie and you need your fix, there are certainly some intriguing match-ups here, and the latest odds reflect that, but as I always do I’d like to remind everyone you’re not actually betting on who is the physically superior athlete. That’s for MMA fighting. That’s for things like football, hockey, even tennis. What these lines reflect are the odds that Vince McMahon will change his mind before the matches take place and write a new outcome. With Seth Rollins being a -6000 favorite to retain over Sting (+2000) there seems to be little change he’ll change his mind about that outcome. Seth has to defend two titles in one night though, and that’s where things get a little interesting, because John Cena is the huge favorite in Rollins’ defense of the United States Title. At last check Cena was -4500 and Rollins was a +1500 underdog. If you wanted to parlay Rollins retaining in both matches that might be one hell of a bit, given McMahon is known to screw with people when the booking is “too obvious” to everyone. This is the man who ended Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania when Taker had been a sizable favorite just hours before the PPV. Let’s not put anything past him. Still as predictable PPV events go the odds help reflect why I’m not exactly overwhelmed with excitement going into this event. Charlotte is a -13500 favorite to beat Nikki Bella (+3500) for the Divas Title, which at least means the long nightmare of a Bella as champion can finally end. Dolph Ziggler is an equally gargantuan -13500 over Rusev at +3500, so perhaps it’s finally time to end that feud once and for all. And if you’re tuning in for the pre-show, you can put your money down on Cosmic Wasteland beating Neville and the Lucha Dragons – once again it’s -13500/+3500. Maybe the odds makers are as bored with Night of Champions as I am. The only line where I’m really seriously going to advise a swerve is the Dudley Boyz (-4500) to beat The New Day (+1500) for the tag team titles. On paper it makes sense given the Dudley Boyz are the most decorated tag team in pro wrestling history… and yet that might be exactly the reason McMahon swerves it. It’s not the world title match, it’s not the most important match, and after an aborted start The New Day have become ironic fan favorites as heels since winning the belts. They’re so obnoxious as champions it’s fun, particularly when Xavier Woods plays that trombone. Anyway please remember to only wager what you can afford and that previews like this are for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy Night of Champions tonight… if you can!

Written by Stevie J

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