Super Bowl XLIX Preview and Latest Odds

00SuperBowlIt has now been two weeks since the 2014-15 NFL conference finals were played, and we had two complete opposite finishes. The Seattle Seahawks prevailed in a nail biter thanks to a fourth quarter rally and overtime heroics that led to a 28-22 win. I incorrectly picked the +280 Packers, noting that I’d either be a prognosticator or a fool, but the Seahawks now stand on the stage of destiny ready to take back to back championships home. It’s a shame there aren’t odds on whether or not Marshawn Lynch will talk to the media about his contract extension, set to make him the most well-paid running back in the NFL today. If he does you could also take odds on him giving answers of two words or less in response to every single question he’s asked. Perhaps it’s time both the press and Lynch put an end to this absurd game of question and NO-answer. If the Seahawks win tonight he can either put up or shut up – literally. The New England Patriots held up their end of the bargain thanks to a lopsided 45-7 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. It wasn’t surprising given they were a -270 bettering favorite, but it’s still unlikely that anybody saw them winning in such a dramatic and decisive fashion. In fact, it was such an overwhelming victory that it led to accusations the Patriots were cheating, a scandal that is now referred to as DeflateGate. It’s probably ridiculous to think the pressure in the ball had that much affect on Tom Brady’s throw – he had both distance AND accuracy – which he’s had all of his career. If they intentionally cheated it was a pretty lame way to gain an advantage, and it seems more likely it’s a minor pressure difference that has been overblown – pun intended. The betting options for today’s game are wide open. If you are looking at a straight money line, the Seahawks are a -120 favorite as of this article (Patriots +100) but that could swing either way before the game kicks off. Check the latest odds first before placing a wager. The breaking point on the total amount of points scored is 47.5, with over 48 being a +102 dog and under 47 being a -104 favorite. There are some pretty insane lines though if you’re willing to go out on a limb. Over 7.5 total points at -210,000 is obviously going to happen – it’s hard to imagine a game when a touchdown and a field goal between the NFL’s two best teams aren’t scored. Even if it ended up 6-3 after 3 field goals, that would still break the margin. If however you can picture a 3-0 finish, and few people would, that’s a +70,000 dog. WOW. You can also bet on the number of points scored in any individual quarter throughout the game. The only things missing are bets on who will win the coin flip and whether or not the singer of the national anthem will botch a few of the words. As always these previews are for entertainment purposes only. If you wager please only spend what you can afford. Enjoy the big game!

Written by Stevie J

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