WWE Survivor Series 2014 Preview and Latest Odds

WWESurvivorSeries2014PosterIf you felt that the last month’s build from Hell in a Cell to Survivor Series was a little underwhelming, you’re not alone. I personally find it hard to get behind a “WWE Universe” where Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and Wade Barrett are all off TV for extended lengths of time due to injury. To add insult to injury Dean Ambrose was given a kayfabed curb stomp that supposedly put him out of action for a month, yet when he had a chance to get revenge for it at Hell in a Cell, WWE pulled a swerve and sent out Bray Wyatt to do some hocus pocus hoodoo voodoo magic. This cheap stunt allowed Seth Rollins to get the win and immediately transition Ambrose to a brand new feud, completely ignoring the fact we never got the payoff for a feud built up all year long, starting with The Authority getting Rollins to turn on The Shield. Since WWE is going to ignore it we will too – Dean Ambrose is the money favorite at -190 to beat Bray Wyatt at +150 and get SOME measure of justice/vengeance. Who’s to say Vince McMahon won’t pull a rabbit out of his hat AGAIN at the last minute though? When it comes to Dean Ambrose, being a fan favorite doesn’t mean he’s a McMahon favorite, so I wouldn’t want to touch this line at all. Here are a few lines for November 23rd, 2014 that I like better. Nikki Bella is a -300 to beat AJ Lee and take her Divas Title at +220. This is a classic case of McMahon screwing with the internet after we all learned about the “Total Divas” rule that no one on that show’s roster would hold a title. Putting the belt on Nikki is just exactly how he gets his jollies – proving all the “dirtsheets” and websites wrong. Take THAT, internet wrestling community! Ha ha!! Don’t expect to see a swerve in Team Cena (-650) vs. Team Authority (+420) unless there’s some really late action and the lines for this change wildly before the start. It makes little to no sense for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to get the upper hand AGAIN. It makes even less sense for Team Cena to lose and for all the members sans John Cena to be “fired” by WWE. Fake firing storylines are always hokey as all get out anyway, especially when the “fired” people are reinstated a couple of weeks later. This seems like a very safe bet on the money. If you take any of that fatal four-way tag team title action I’d go with Gold & Stardust retaining, simply because this match feels overbooked. At -110 you don’t win much though. You’re slightly better off picking the women who have a four on four traditional Survivor Series team match. Paige, Cameron, Layla & Summer Rae are -180 against Alicia Fox, Emma, Natalya and Naomi. Definitely bet on the “bad girls” with the favorable line. As always WWE PPV odds are previewed for entertainment purposes only. If you do choose to gamble, please only wager what you can afford.

Written by Stevie J

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