WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 Preview and Latest Odds

WWE_Hell_In_A_Cell_2014_Poster_With_Dean_AmbroseWWE returns with the first event following Night of Champions 2014, where Brock Lesnar successfully defended the WWE Championship with a little help from his friends… or are they? Seth Rollins is not an easy man to figure out. At times he seems to be working hand in hand with The Authority – Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. At other times he seems to be a lone wolf with a Money in the Bank briefcase, just waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of whoever happens to be the weakest prey holding the biggest prize. Unfortunately for Rollins the prey and predator roles are reversed at Hell in a Cell, where WWE’s “unstable” Dean Ambrose finally gets his chance for revenge inside the unfriendly confines of a sealed steel cage. This feud has been simmering ever since Ambrose turned his back on The Shield after WrestleMania, and reached new heights when Rollins gave Ambrose a curb stomp through cinder blocks, putting him out of action for weeks. In actuality Ambrose took some time off to film a movie but for storyline purposes it made perfect sense – as does the betting line for this WWE co-main event. Ambrose is a healthy -600 favorite to finally get his vengeance on the +400 Rollins. The term “co-main event” is key here as there’s a second steel cage match featuring long time WWE superstars and rivals John Cena and Randy Orton. These two have met so many times that one of their famous matches was ostensibly “the last Cena vs. Orton match ever” – a stipulation WWE has conveniently ignored. No matter. They’ve been offered a prize worthy of going after each other one more time – a future title shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. As you might expect perennial main eventer John Cena is the favorite at -280, though at +200 before Sunday’s event Orton isn’t that far behind. There’s interesting action all up and down this card. In a match where the loser becomes the winner’s servant for 30 days, Nikki Bella is the -475 favorite over her sister Brie at +325, which makes sense given the feud needs to continue until at least Survivor Series. Sheamus and The Miz are pretty close on the line for their U.S. Title match, with The Miz actually being a slight favorite to dethrone the Celtic Warrior – he’s -190 and Sheamus is +150. AJ Lee is a solid favorite to retain her divas title at -320 over Paige (+240), and the Dust Brothers (Gold & Star) come in at -510 to retain over The Usos at +340. The line with the most risk/reward for this PPV is Rusev vs. Big Show. Since Rusev is in the middle of a monster push as a monster heel, he’s a heavy favorite at -1500. The mercurial Vince McMahon is known to make last minute changes, and if you think he’ll decide Rusev isn’t “getting over” to the degree he likes, he could pull the plug early and put Big Show over. Whether you take that risk for a +700 dog is up to you. As always though remember these previews are for entertainment purposes only and that if you do wager you should only bet what you can afford.

Written by Stevie J

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