MMAOB Premium Recap – UFC Fight Night 40

UFC Fight Night 40 is in the books, so how did Nick Kalikas’ Premium bets do? Premium went 1-3 to lose 3.825 units overall. Full results below. Premium UFC Fight Night 40: 1-3, -3.825 units Wins: 2.5u: Matt Brown (+190) Losses: 2.5u: Parlay of Desmond Green(-175)) with Kyojo Horiguchi (-175) at +127, Parlay of Kyojo Horiguchi (-185) with Lorenz Larkin (-235) at +120, Parlay of Yan Cabral (-450) with Cariaso/Smolka OVER 2.5 rounds (-255) at -143 Free play: none Total on the night: -3.825 units For the full track records, click here.

Written by Brian Hemminger

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