TUF Nations Finale fantasy preview plus $250 Kountermove freeroll for MMAOddsBreaker readers

KountermoveThe mixed martial arts (MMA) fantasy website Kountermove is back with another freeroll for MMAOddsBreaker.com readers. If you’re not familiar with how the site works, here’s a brief snippet from the site owners, themselves.

Kountermove brings the traditional fantasy format to MMA. Accumulation of points and a salary cap make fantasy MMA more intriguing than your basic “pick ’em” contest. With other industry pros on the site it is the place to be if you know your MMA. The game is fairly simple on its face, games are played over a single night during one event. Prior to the event, players get a total of $25,000 fantasy dollars to pick five fighters for your team. Each fighter is given a specific salary by Kountermove. Kountermove assigns a value for each fighter based on how we believe the fight will go. Points are scored if a fighter scores a finish, wins a round, lands significant strikes, knocks an opponent down, scores takedowns, secures dominant positions or attempts submissions. The more dominant your fighters’performance, the more points you’re going to score. If you score more points than your opponents, then you win the money.

To enter the free $250 tournament for MMAOddsBreaker.com readers, just click the link below: http://www.kountermove.com/join/24733-mma-oddsbreaker-250-tourney-on-ufc-tuf-nations-canada-vs-australia-finale-T-free/ If you don’t have an account, don’t worry, you can create one for free, but do it quickly, spacing is limited! If you’re interested in a few pointers on potential fighters to pick, I’ll be offering my analysis and potential picks to click. In case you have your doubts, I have a very nice track record of success with the website, having won plenty since its inception. Before I get to my picks, remember that to get the best value out of your team, you have to try to get an average of $5000 per fighter with your team of five fighters and your $25,000 salary cap. That means if you want to pick a big favorite from The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale like Dustin Poirier ($5500), you have to balance it out by picking some underdogs that you think will perform above and beyond. Sometimes it’s not worth it to pick the overwhelming favorite. Without further ado, here are some of the picks that stand out for me: Mark Bocek ($4600): This is a case where you get to take advantage of a glitch in the Matrix, so to speak. Bocek is at a cheap price right now due to his original opponent being Evan Dunham. When Dunham dropped out with an injury, he now faces UFC newcomer Mike de la Torre. While de la Torre is a competent fighter, he’s normally a featherweight and is prone to being caught in submissions. That’s not a good combination against one of the better grapplers in the UFC lightweight division. Bocek has some potential to get a stoppage here which would net you some massive points for a cheap price. Underdog Pick of the Night George Roop ($4400): Unlike Bocek, this is a case where I think Kountermove got it wrong from the outset. George Roop has looked pretty damn good in his second stint at bantamweight thus far, scoring two solid victories over Reuben Duran and Brian Bowles. While he’s coming off a knockout loss to Francisco Rivera, I don’t think his opponent Dustin Kimura will be able to replicate Rivera’s success and find Roop’s chin. Roop is massive for a bantamweight and presents a world of problems for Kimura on the feet especially if he can utilize his range properly. If Roop performs even half as good as I think he will, he’ll allow you go get that expensive fighter to round out your team without a drawback. Fighter to Avoid Vik Grujic ($4600): Plain and simple, I don’t think Grujic is UFC caliber. He’s 37 years old and is making his debut with the promotion. His opponent, Nordine Taleb, is battle-tested against significantly more competent opposition and trains at a superior gym in Tristar. Grujic will be fighting in serious hostile territory and should be at a serious skill disadvantage come fight time. Unless he lands a lucky shot, I don’t see Grujic doing much in this fight. Complete TUF Nations Finale Preview If my fantasy preview isn’t enough for you, Fight Scientist Reed Kuhn, MMA Oddsmaker Nick Kalikas and myself did an extensive preview of the entire TUF Nations Finale  fight card in part one of the Premium Oddscast, which was posted yesterday. Feel free to check out our latest episode. There’s plenty of combinations for great teams with 13 total bouts for this event:

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Written by Brian Hemminger

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