WWE TLC 2013 Preview and Latest Odds

wwe_tlc_2013_poster_by_alitaker-d6wpgtoThe annual WWE TLC PPV takes place Sunday, December 15th at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Last month at Survivor Series, both John Cena and Randy Orton retained their respective world titles, leading Cena to hold up his belt in Orton’s face as the pay per view went off the air. The next night Triple H and Stephanie McMahon made it official: John Cena’s World Heavyweight Title and Randy Orton’s WWE Championship Title would be unified at TLC 2013 in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Randy Orton (-170) is the chosen one in this feud, having all but been handed the title by the McMahons, and he’s also the logical direction for WWE to go in on “The Road to WrestleMania” in New Orleans next April. If John Cena (+130) loses on Sunday, he can enter into the Royal Rumble match for a chance at the unified title – or perhaps even earn a title shot at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Either way the longer Randy Orton remains champion, the more resented he will be, and the ultimate goal is to make the WWE audience crave to see ANY babyface take his place and get the title off his waist. WWE has taken the unusual step of booking not one but TWO three-on-one handicap matches for the TLC PPV. “The Authority” of Stephanie and Triple H resent being continually challenged by Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, so each one must now face their punishment at the hands of an established three man team. Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, CM Punk (-2600) is the favorite going against The Shield (+1200), but WWE seems unwilling to pull that trigger twice as the Wyatt Family (-4500) are heavily favored against Daniel Bryan (+1500). It would make more sense for Bryan to be the one to overcome the odds (pun intended) given his current popularity, but that very popularity may make them think he can be beaten by the Wyatts and not lose his upward momentum. The odds also heavily favor WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee (-4500) facing #1 contender Natalya (+1500). It’s getting close to time to pull the trigger on a title change given Lee has been the champion for over six months, but TLC may be too soon. It’s DEFINITELY too soon for Big E. Langston (-20000) to lose his Intercontinental Title to Damien Sandow (+5000), beating Curtis Axel less than a month ago at Raw in Nashville. It’s unfortunate that Sandow has gone from Money in the Bank briefcase holder to a severe longshot to win on PPV, but for Sandow, it’s a victory to be featured on TLC to begin with. Fandango (-1500) and Dolph Ziggler (+700) are not nearly so lucky, having been relegated to the WWE pre-show on YouTube. Also scheduled – Cody Rhodes & Goldust defend the tag titles in a 4-way against the Real Americans, Ryback/Curtis Axel, and Rey Mysterio/Big Show. Due to the match being a late addition to the card, no odds are available. All descriptions and accounts in this article are for entertainment purposes only and shouldn’t be taken as actual gambling advice. WWE events are pre-scripted and the odds tend to reflect the creative direction of the writing team, though WWE has been known to make last minute changes before. If you do wager on the PPV, please gamble responsibly. Enjoy WWE TLC 2013 this Sunday!

Written by Stevie J

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