Gabe Killian’s UFC 167 ‘Knockout of the Night’ Prop Bets

UFC-156UFC 167 Date: November 15, 2013 Arena: MGM Grand Garden Arena City: Las Vegas, N.V. UFC 167 ‘Knockout of the Night’ Betting Props UFC 167 is live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena from Las Vegas, N.V. tonight! The 12-fight card will feature many exciting fights, and almost certainly, plenty of finishes. The UFC will be handing out a $50,000 bonus for Knockout of the Night — the option to bet on which fighter will win said bonus is made available at Several Bookmakerss. I believe the top condenders for this prize are: Johny Hendricks +400 — If you’re backing Johny Hendricks in this fight, then you’re surely expecting him to knock GSP out. If that’s the case, the move would be to take the KOTN +400 prop over the Hendricks by T/KO prop, which is only at +265. If Hendricks beats GSP, it will almost certainly be by knockout, and it will almost certainly take home the bonus. Only way it wouldn’t happen is if it was a very unimpressive knockout and there was an Edson Barboza-esque highlight-reel knockout on the card. Robbie Lawler +650 — Much like with Hendricks, I feel Lawler’s only shot at getting his hand raised in this bout is by knocking Rory MacDonald out. I think if that happens, Lawler will take home the bonus, unless of course Hendricks ends up stopping GSP, but I don’t see both of these guys getting knockouts in the same night. I actually don’t think either of them will win their fights. But if you’re backing Lawler, it is your best bet to take this +650 prop over the Lawler by T/KO prop, which is only at +390. If you are backing Rory MacDonald and are big on him like I am, it might be a smart idea to arb with a bet on Lawler winning KOTN, in case he does pull off the knockout upset, which he only has an extremely slight chance of pulling off. Much smaller than most MMA fans and media think, in my opinion. I am not a Rory MacDonald fan, by any means. I have bet Nate Diaz, Che Mills, and BJ Penn all against MacDonald. Not because I thought they would win, but because I didn’t like Rory and wanted him to lose. All personal feelings aside for this fight, I think it is going to be Rory all day. I think he is going to take a 30-27. Worst case scenario, I see Rory having a bad night, and it being a close, bloody fight where he wins a split decision. Tyron Woodley +1100 — I love the odds on this play. I think if Woodley wins this fight, it will be by knockout, and at +1100, how can you pass that up? He’s on his way up, while Koscheck seems to be on a bit of a decline. They both looked good at the weigh-ins, but if Woodley connects, I think he can score the knockout. And as long as Lawler and Hendricks don’t score one of their own, this +1100 ticket could easily cash. Josh Koscheck +2300 — I cannot pass up a line on Josh Koscheck defeating Tyron Woodley by knockout at +2300. That is insane. Koscheck may be on the decline, but he still possesses plenty of power. He hits really hard for a welterweight, certainly a lot harder than Nate Marquardt, who knocked Woodley out. Koscheck could make a big comeback with knockout here, and if that happens, that +2300 ticket will cash beautifully. Edwin Figueroa +3300 — I can see this upset really happening. I think Erik Perez is being way over-valued in this match-up, and Figueroa throws heavy leather. Perez has a good chin, but I think if Figueroa connects, Perez could go out Sergio Pettis +1200 — Sergio Pettis hopes to make an impact in his promotional debut, and he will likely look to do so with a highlight-reel knockout. There is a chance he may pull it off. You’re banking on Pettis, this would be a good bet to make. Gabe’s ‘KOTN’ Play: 1u on Tyron Woodley (+1100), 1u on Josh Koscheck (+2300), 0.5u on Edwin Figueroa (+3300), and 0.5u on Sergio Pettis (+1200).

Written by Gabe Killian

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