WWE WrestleMania 33 Betting Preview and Latest Odds

Wrestlemania 33We’ve gotten out of the Fastlane and the road to WrestleMania finally comes to an end on Sunday. It’s time for a show WWE has branded “the ultimate thrill ride” to finally take place — WrestleMania 33 at Camping Ground Stadium in Orlando, Florida on April 2nd, 2017. It’s the biggest wrestling spectacular of the year and not surprisingly there are a lot of wrestling odds to cover at Several Bookmakers. Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, and make sure the safety bar in front of you is down and in the locked position, because it’s time to take that ride. One more note before we go over that first hill though — betting on pro wrestling has nothing to do with any other sport out there. You are not placing lines on the physical prowess of the competitors here — that would be boxing or MMA. Make no mistake about it that pro wrestlers are athletes, but the outcomes are scripted, so what you are ACTUALLY betting on is whether or not Vince McMahon and company will change the script. WrestleMania is usually where stories come to a head, so some of these odds may seem locked in, but my advice is keep an eye on the lines because they could change at any time before the Pay-Per-View starts. So let’s start with one of the most intriguing lines right now, Bray Wyatt defending the WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Orton is a heavy favorite at -750 over Wyatt (+450), which makes a lot of sense given the whole build of him joining the Wyatt Family was meant to have him “turn on his master” at the end. As another example of what I’m talking about by the lines indicating a conclusive result, Brock Lesnar is a MASSIVE favorite to beat Goldberg at -3250 vs. +1350, taking his Universal Title in the process. I’ll give you three reasons why — 1.) Goldberg has already beaten Lesnar twice. It’s time for Lesnar’s payback. 2.) Goldberg’s contract expires at WrestleMania 33. If he’s not staying he’s not keeping the belt. 3.) Vince loves the sheer animal charisma of Lesnar and always has. Speaking of guys Vince has a fetish for, whether you like it or not, Roman Reigns is an extra large -900 favorite to beat Undertaker at +500. As much as I hate saying it, if this is Undertaker’s last WrestleMania, that’s probably the right call. Keep an eye on this line though. John Cena & Nikki Bella are -1975 over The Miz & Maryse at +975, which is the logical end to the long running Cena & Miz feud. Same goes for Seth Rollins feud with Triple H – he’s -1750 to +850. If any of this seems too predictable though, McMahon may just tear up the script on Sunday and rewrite the whole damn show, so stay tuned. Please remember that these previews are for entertainment purposes and that if you do wager to only spend what you can afford. Enjoy WrestleMania 33 on Sunday!

Written by Stevie J

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