WWE Roadblock End of the Line Preview and Latest Odds

wwe-roadblock-end-of-the-line-1Two weeks have gone by since WWE TLC 2016 which means it’s time for another WWE PPV. This one is called Roadblock: End of the Line and it’s coming to you from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The last show was a SmackDown roster exclusive, so this one will feature the stars of WWE Raw. Our next co-branded show will be the Royal Rumble on January 29th and there are no Raw OR SmackDown pay per views in between, so if you were looking for a break from a constant deluge of events you’ll be getting a little down time in between times. Before we go any further a quick reminder that “odds” in professional wrestling don’t really describe the athletes who perform the physical feats you watch. Instead they describe how the writing team feels ABOUT said guy or gal. Do they want to write a story where a wrestler is undefeated for a long time? That person becomes a big favorite. Do they think that person is stale and it’s time to write in someone else? That person becomes the underdog. You are betting on the whims of Vince McMahon and his creative team — always bear that in consideration when reading these lines. With that said if you’re looking to place a bet there are some intriguing odds for you on Sunday’s pay per view starting with the pre-show, where Rusev is a solid -330 favorite over Big Cass at +220. Now I’m tempted to say the writers have Enzo Amore run in and interfere, but I still like this line because even if he does I picture Rusev’s wife Lana doing the same thing, so I don’t think it helps Cass at all. If you want to take the dog in this fight that’s entirely up to you. I think Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho has a better chance of paying out with Chris Jericho +195 and Rollins -285. There are TWO people who could screw Rollins to cost him the win – Kevin Owens AND Triple H – with the latter setting up a big match at WrestleMania 33 next year. Is it too early to pull the trigger on that? Maybe not given those six weeks between WWE pay per views. Seth’s going to need to kill some time on Raw and feuding with Hunter or his proxies makes sense. Speaking of which a lot of the following odds reflect that same fact — things need to carry over for a while. Rich Swann is -500 to retain the cruiserweight title over TJ Perkins (+300) and Brian Kendrick (+500). Sami Zayn is -700 to last ten minutes with Braun Strowman but favorites that heavy generate very minimal returns. Instead look to Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte in a 30 minute iron woman match. Banks is -166 to retain the women’s title but has consistently lost to Charlotte on PPV so that +120 stands a good chance to pay out. Finally Kevin Owens is -250 to retain the Universal title over Roman Reigns at +175. I give Reigns an outside chance they pull the trigger on trying (AGAIN) to crown him as WWE’s poster boy, but be sure to check the lines between now and showtime. As always these previews are for entertainment purposes and if you wager please spend only what you can afford. Enjoy Roadblock!

Written by Stevie J

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