WWE No Mercy 2016 Preview and Latest Odds

wwe-no-mercy-2016The WWE Raw brand took over last time at Clash of Champions 2016, and now it’s time for the SmackDown brand to be on top again as No Mercy name returns for the first time since 2008. In a show that features a title vs. career match, a tag team title match, a women’s title match AND a triple threat for the WWE World Championship, it’s safe to assume that indeed “no mercy” will be shown or given by any of the competitors on October 9th. Before we get into the latest odds for this show though I’d like to again give readers of this article the following disclaimer – these odds do not reflect who is “the stronger athlete” or “the better wrestler” or even “the most entertaining performer.” Professional wrestling odds can not be confused with betting lines on unscripted sports. What you are betting on if you follow these odds is simply whether or not Vince McMahon and his writers will “stick to the script” or not. Occasionally (but not often) this results in a longshot that pays off big, simply because McMahon decides it’s “too predictable” and changes the story at the last minute — you have been duly warned. Now then let’s talk about women’s title match. Becky Lynch became the inaugural champion last month on September 11th on the SmackDown brand’s first solo pay per view since the 2016 brand split. She’s a fiery Irish redhead, SmackDown’s resident “lass kicker,” and to be sure a fan favorite. She’s also the betting favorite going into this match, with the oddsmakers putting her at a staggering -1,500 as of this writing. You may want to check back to see if that narrows before air time. Either way that makes the unpredictable and fiesty Alexa Bliss a +750 to un-crown Becky and become the second SmackDown Women’s Champion. Speaking of inaugural champions, Heath Slater and Rhyno became the first SmackDown Tag Team champions by defeating The Usos, which leaves Jimmy and Jey Uso looking for revenge in this rematch. Do the oddsmakers believe they have a chance of success based on current WWE storylines? As of right now yes — and by a sizable margin. The Usos are currently -300 to take the titles from Slater & Rhyno after only a one month reign. If you want to bet on the champs to retain you can pick them as a +230 underdog. This is another line to keep an eye on as it could flip a couple of times before October 9th. Finally in the main event AJ Styles defends his WWE World Championship in a triple threat against both Dean Ambrose and John Cena, which means the champion can lose his title without even being pinned. Despite that Styles still comes out as the favorite at -1200, with John Cena being +600 and former champion Dean Ambrose being +600 respectively. Given they really want to establish SmackDown as a strong and separate brand having Styles retain into the foreseeable future is a pretty safe bet – but as noted Vince McMahon likes to change his mind at the last minute. Please remember all previews are for entertainment purposes and if you wager to only bet what you can afford. Enjoy WWE No Mercy!

Written by Stevie J

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