MMAOddsBreaker Staff Picks – UFC 200 has returned for 2016 and just like last year, we’re keeping a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events. Everyone has a clean slate with the new year, and we’ve added one new staff member to the our special picks chart this time around. After 18 events thus far in 2016, Nick Kalikas is in first place with a 140-80 overall record (63.6%). Jay Primetown and Robert Doxtater are right on his heels in second place at 138-82. There were six unanimous picks out of 12 fights for the event (Gegard Mousasi, Sage Northcutt, TJ Dillashaw, Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier and Miesha Tate). The most contentious pick was Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt (Lesnar 4 – Hunt 4) Without further ado: UFC 200

UFC 200 G. Killian J. Lynch B. Taschuk B. Hemminger N. Kalikas J. Primetown B. Wharton R. Doxtater
 Fight #1  Miller*  Miller  Gomi  Miller  Miller  Miller  Miller  Miller
 Fight #2  Mousasi  Mousasi  Mousasi  Mousasi  Mousasi  Mousasi  Mousasi  Mousasi
 Fight #3  Sanchez  Sanchez  Lauzon  Lauzon  Lauzon  Sanchez  Lauzon  Lauzon
 Fight #4 Northcutt  Northcutt  Northcutt  Northcutt Northcutt*  Northcutt  Northcutt  Northcutt
 Fight #5 Dillashaw  Dillashaw  Dillashaw  Dillashaw Dillashaw  Dillashaw  Dillashaw  Dillashaw
 Fight #6 Gastelum  Hendricks  Hendricks  Gastelum Gastelum  Gastelum  Gastelum  Hendricks
 Fight #7  Pena*  Zingano  Zingano  Pena  Pena  Zingano  Zingano  Pena
 Fight #8 Velasquez  Velasquez  Velasquez  Velasquez Velasquez  Velasquez  Velasquez  Velasquez
 Fight #9  Edgar  Edgar  Aldo  Edgar  Aldo  Edgar  Edgar  Edgar
 Fight #10  Cormier  Cormier  Cormier  Cormier  Cormier  Cormier  Cormier  Cormier
 Fight #11  Lesnar  Hunt  Lesnar  Hunt  Lesnar  Lesnar  Hunt  Hunt
 Fight #12  Tate  Tate  Tate  Tate  Tate  Tate  Tate  Tate
 Last Event  8-4  8-4  7-5  8-4  8-4  7-5  6-6  7-5
 2016 Record  136-84  126-94  122-98  137-83  140-80  138-82  125-95  138-82

*Nick switched his pick from Enrique Marin to Sage Northcutt after weigh-ins. Gabe switched his picks from Takanori Gomi to Jim Miller and Cat Zingano to Julianna Pena after weigh-ins. Everyone has three draws on their record due to the Levan Makashvili vs Damon Jackson, Sergio Moraes vs Luan Chages and Kevin Casey vs Elvis Mutapcic bouts. Previous 2016 MMAOB Staff Picks TUF 23 Finale UFC Fight Night 90 UFC Fight Night 89 UFC 199 UFC Fight Night 88 UFC 198 UFC Fight Night 87 UFC 197 UFC on Fox 19 UFC Fight Night 86 UFC Fight Night 85 UFC 196 UFC Fight Night 84 UFC Fight Night 83 UFC Fight Night 82 UFC on Fox 18 UFC Fight Night 81 UFC 195 Final Results 2015 Final Results 2014

Written by Brian Hemminger

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