MMA Wagering Guide: Beating the Line Movement

betting-odds-boardWhen handicapping a broad spectrum of professional sports, it’s apparent that related betting lines are most valuable either earlier or later and rarely in between. That approach should be taken when wagering on mixed martial arts (MMA) as bettors shouldn’t simply settle with what odds are offered at any given time. More often than not, when betting a favourite at fight time, much of the betting value has already passed by. Just because MMA is an emerging sports market that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to be submerged in counterproductive behaviours. These types of betting scenarios can be chalked up as simple rookie mistakes, however, even the most savvy MMA handicappers can unknowingly fall victim to this very scenario. It’s well documented that beating the line movement requires patience and timely betting. Despite this, most placing a bet generally do exactly the opposite of what is being preached here — they place their bet at the first convenient line they see (often at their one and only sportsbook) and they do not shop for the best price at the opportune time. This a flawed type of betting popular amongst the majority of fanatics wagering in MMA that can be easily corrected. Professional bettors alike attempt to pounce on mistakes made by the oddsmakers in the early stages of a MMA betting. Sometimes that requires us to exercise creative ways that will help us circumvent low betting limits on opening odds. However when it comes to MMA betting, more often than not, it’s the general public making their predictable wagers leading up to the official start time of an event – this is when MMA odds can be potentially exploited in your favour. As limits begin to grow, the betting lines begin to tighten up which arises for a bettor to once again get in at a better price in general. Much of the betting or wager value in a line offered by a bookmaker is gone by the day of the fights unless you’re on what they call the “right side” of the line movement. One is anticipating late public money to pour on the prospective opponent, which often is waiting for the underdog line to climb astronomically. Capitalizing on line movement can ultimately boost your return on investment when it comes to betting any sport if exercised with disciplined bankroll management. A professional handicapper’s ability to ensure the best profitable outcome within the realm of sports wagering is best achieved when they can predict what the betting public will do after the line is released and the sharp actions the hours before the sporting event(s) commences. This also helps mitigate any potential losses as well as you’d have to risk less. While taking advantage of the opening odds requires preparation, strategy and split second availability as the window on opening odds is short-lived, counter betting has huge potential with the sharp line movements when it comes to UFC lines in comparison to other sports. It’s common to see a betting line on a fight or two a card completely flip. When sportsbooks enact low betting limits on opening lines, it almost single handily curtails the chances of big guaranteed hedge type bets with advents of a big line movement. However the lower limit type bettors can feast or famine. These types of plays are reserved for the most advanced gamblers and require a multitude of variables to ensure a profitable outcome. Therefore our concentration is simple trying to ensure that potential clients beat the line movement while remaining cautious of all the other variables that comes with handicapping combat sports.

Written by Betting Bruiser

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