Exclusive: Tim Means on positive test: ‘I’m not cutting corners’

MMAOddsBreaker’s Frank Trigg speaks with UFC welterweight Tim Means, who was pulled from his UFC Fight Night 83 main event against Donald Cerrone due to a failed USADA test for low levels of Ostarine.

The “Dirty Bird” was preparing for the first main event of his UFC career before the positive test, and he’s flummoxed by the drug test result:

“I’m working my ass off. I’m not cutting corners and that’s what I’m sticking to. I don’t need to go Anderson Silva-style and say it was viagra or whatever. All my shit’s working correctly. I’m a skinny dude. If I’m taking steroids, it’s gonna show. This just something that popped up and it was a low, small amount. They want to test the other urine but I have to put it in writing first. They should have done that before they pulled me from the show to make sure that they were right. How many other tests are going through, cross-contamination, going through those machines? They test 500 fighters now, all these things keep popping up. What’s to say contamination isn’t on their end? I’m gonna jump through the hoops they want me to and this will all get straightened out in the end. The truth always prevails.”

Means has never shied away from his past, which saw him serve a four-year prison sentence early in his fighting career, and he feels that could help him in the court of public opinion:

“I’ve never once ran from something that I did. I’ve always hit it head on. You can look at my back story. I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong and my ass isn’t wrong on this and I’m not gonna admit to it… I’m absolutely done with supplements. Everything’s gonna be through food now.”

Written by Frank Trigg

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