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New Year, new contest! has returned for 2016 and just like last year, we’re keeping a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events. Everyone has a clean slate with the new year, and we’ve added two new staff members to the our special picks chart this time around. The winner this year will take home a cool $300. After 41 events in 2015, Brad Taschuk finished standing alone in first place, picking fights correctly at a 63.4% clip. Here are the staff members who will be participating this year along with what they do to help our site: Gabe Killian – MMAOB staff writer James Lynch – MMAOB lead staff writer and host of The Parting Shot Podcast Brad Taschuk – MMAOB staff writer and co-host of The MMA Analysis podcast Brian Hemminger – MMAOB managing editor and co-host of The Premium Oddscast Nick Kalikas – Professional Oddsmaker, owner of and co-host of The Premium Oddscast Jay Primetown – MMAOB staff writer and co-host of The MMA Analysis podcast Brad Wharton – MMAOB feature writer Robert Doxtater – MMAOB feature writer After two events thus far in 2016, Brian Hemminger and Nick Kalikas are tied for first place with a 17-8 overall record (68%). Gabe Killian and Jay Primetown trail in second place at 16-9. There were five unanimous picks for this event out of 13 fights in total (Levon Makashvili, Alex Caceres, Dustin Ortiz, Sage Northcutt and Jimmie Rivera). The most contentious pick was Randy Brown vs Matt Dwyer (Brown 4 – Dwyer 4). Without further ado: UFC on Fox 18

 Fox 18 G. Killian J. Lynch B. Taschuk B. Hemminger N. Kalikas J. Primetown B. Wharton R. Doxtater
 Fight #1  Martin  Martin  Olivieri  Martin  Martin  Olivieri  Martin  Martin
 Fight #2 Makashvili Makash.  Makash  Makashvili  Makash.  Makash.  Makash.  Makash.
 Fight #3  Brown  Dwyer  Dwyer  Brown  Brown  Brown  Dwyer  Dwyer
 Fight #4  Caceres  Caceres  Caceres  Caceres  Caceres  Caceres  Caceres  Caceres
 Fight #5  Yakovlev Yakovlev  Sullivan  Yakovlev*  Yakovlev  Yakovlev  Sullivan  Sullivan
 Fight #6  Ortiz  Ortiz  Ortiz  Ortiz  Ortiz  Ortiz  Ortiz  Ortiz
 Fight #7  Natal  Natal  Casey  Natal  Natal  Natal  Natal  Casey
 Fight #8 Aubin-Mercier  Mercier  Mercier  Mercier  Mercier  Ferreira  Mercier  Mercier
 Fight #9  Saffiedine  Saff. Ellenberger  Saffiedine  Saff.  Saff.  Saffiedine  Saff.
 Fight #10  Northcutt  North.  North.  Northcutt  North.  Northcutt  Northcutt  North.
 Fight #11  Rivera  Rivera  Rivera  Rivera  Rivera  Rivera  Rivera  Rivera
 Fight #12  Rothwell Rothwell  Barnett  Barnett  Rothwell  Barnett  Barnett  Barnett
 Fight #13  Bader Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Bader
 Last Event  10-3  8-5  5-7  10-3  8-5  7-6  6-7  9-4
 2016 Record  16-9  15-10  15-10  17-8  17-8  16-9  13-12  14-11

*Brian changed his Premium Oddscast pick from George Sullivan to Alexander Yakovlev after the UFC on Fox 18 weigh-ins. Previous 2016 MMAOB Staff Picks UFC Fight Night 81 UFC 195 Final Results 2015 Final Results 2014

Written by Brian Hemminger

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