MMAOddsBreaker Staff Picks 2015 Final Standings and Winner kept a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. Everyone had a clean slate with the new year, and we added three new staff members to the our special picks chart for 2015, with the winner earning a special prize. Staff writer and interviewer extraordinaire James Lynch came on top in 2014. Could he repeat? After 40 events in in 2015, Brad Taschuk was in control of first place, while Vegas Matty trailed in second place. Upon the conclusion of the final and 41st event of 2015 (UFC on Fox 17), who ended up on top? Let’s start with the tally for Saturday night’s show UFC on Fox 17 results

Gabe Killian: 7-5 Nick Kalikas: 7-5 Brad Wharton: 7-5 Adam Martin: 6-6 James Lynch: 6-6 Brian Hemminger: 5-7 Jay Primetown: 5-7 Vegas Matty: 5-7 Brad Taschuk: 4-8

Note: Everyone also had a no contest due to the Miller vs Alers bout ending in the second round due to eye poke. Brad’s 4-8 final event record left an opening, but there were just too many upsets on the card for anyone to firmly grab hold and take control of first place, as no one did better than just above .500 on their picks for the Fox show. Thus, here are the final results and standings for MMAOB’s staff picks in 2015: Final 2015 Standings

1st: Brad Taschuk — 294-174 (63.4%) 2nd: Vegas Matty — 292-176 3rd (tie): Adam Martin — 290- 178 3rd (tie): Brad Wharton — 290-178 5th: James Lynch — 289-179 6th: Jay Primetown — 285-183 7th: Brian Hemminger — 276-192 8th: Nick Kalikas — 273-195 9th: Gabe Killian — 271-197

Fun Facts

  • Only one staff member had perfect events in 2015: Brad Taschuk — UFC Fight Night 62 (12-0), UFC Fight Night 70 (9-0)
  • Eventual winner Brad Taschuk was in last place with a losing record of 37-40 after the first seven events
  • Only four staff members were ever in first place in the standings at any point (Vegas Matty, Brad Taschuk, Brad Wharton and Adam Martin)
  • Vegas Matty was in first place in the standings for 34 straight events before Brad Taschuk passed him in late November
  • MMAOB Staff agreed unanimously on 135 fights in 2015, going a solid 103-32 on those picks (76.3%)
  • The most unanimous picks in an event was seven (two times, UFC 187 and UFC 193)
  • The least unanimous picks in an event was zero (UFC Fight Night 70)
  • The worst event for unanimous picks was UFC Fight Night 61 when they went 0-4
  • The best event cumulatively for MMAOB Staff Picks was UFC 186 (80-28)
  • The worst event cumulatively for MMAOB Staff Picks was UFC Fight Night 61 (21-78)
  • UFC Fight Night 61 also had the worst picking records for a single event in 2015 at 1-10 (B. Wharton and B. Hemminger)

I hope you enjoyed following along in 2015 and best of luck to everyone on our staff in 2016 beginning with UFC 195 on Saturday, January 2nd! Previous MMAOddsBreaker staff picks articles from this year UFC on Fox 17 UFC 194 TUF 22 Finale UFC Fight Night 80 UFC Fight Night 79 UFC Fight Night 78 UFC 193 UFC Fight Night 77 UFC Fight Night 76 UFC 192 UFC Fight Night 75 UFC 191 UFC Fight Night 74 UFC Fight Night 73 UFC 190 UFC on Fox 16 UFC Fight Night 72 UFC Fight Night 71 TUF 21 Finale UFC 189 UFC Fight Night 70 UFC Fight Night 69 UFC 188 UFC Fight Night 68 UFC Fight Night 67 UFC 187 UFC Fight Night 66 UFC Fight Night 65 UFC 186 UFC on Fox 15 UFC Fight Night 64 UFC Fight Night 63 UFC Fight Night 62 UFC 185 UFC 184 UFC 183 UFC on Fox 14 UFC Fight Night 61 UFC FIght Night 60 UFC Fight Night 59 UFC 182

Written by Brian Hemminger

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