MMAOddsBreaker Staff Picks – TUF 22 Finale has returned for 2015 and just like last year, we’re keeping a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events. Everyone has a clean slate with the new year, and we’ve added three new staff members to the our special picks chart this time around. After 38 events thus far in 2015, Brad Taschuk has taken control of first place with a 274-160 record (63.1%), while Vegas Matty trails in second place at 273-161. There were twounanimous picks out of the 10 bouts for tonight’s card (Tatsuya Kawajiri, Frankie Edgar). The most contentious pick was Joe Lauzon vs Evan Dunham (Dunham – 4, Lauzon-5). Without further ado: TUF 22 Finale Staff Picks

TUF 22 G. Killian A. Martin J. Lynch B. Taschuk B. Hemminger N. Kalikas J. Primetown B. Wharton V. Matty
 Fight #1 Gruetzemacher  Gruetz. Gruetz.  Gruetz.  Gruetz.  Gruetz.  Gruetz.  Lloveras  Gruetz.
 Fight #2  Herrera  Sanchez Sanchez  Herrera  Herrera  Herrera  Herrera  Sanchez Herrera
 Fight #3  Pierce  LaFlare LaFlare  LaFlare  Pierce  LaFlare  LaFlare  LaFlare LaFlare
 Fight #4  Gonzaga  Erokhin Erokhin  Gonzaga  Gonzaga  Erokhin  Erokhin  Erokhin Erokhin
 Fight #5  Wrzosek  Erosa  Erosa  Wrzosek  Wrzosek  Wrzosek  Erosa  Wrzosek Wrzosek
 Fight #6  Kawajiri  Kawajiri Kawajiri  Kawajiri  Kawajiri  Kawajiri  Kawajiri  Kawajiri Kawajiri
 Fight #7  Dunham  Dunham Lauzon  Dunham  Lauzon Dunham  Lauzon  Lauzon  Lauzon
 Fight #8  Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson  Barboza  Barboza  Ferguson  Ferguson Ferguson
 Fight #9  Hall  Lobov  Lobov  Hall  Lobov  Lobov  Hall  Lobov  Lobov
 Fight #10  Edgar  Edgar  Edgar  Edgar  Edgar  Edgar  Edgar  Edgar  Edgar
Last Event  7-4  9-2  9-2  8-3  6-5  7-4  8-3  7-4  10-1
2015 Record 252-182 267-167 270-164 274-160 262-172 254-180 265-169 272-162 273-161

Everyone also has two no contests and two draws on their record after the Kid Yamamoto vs Roman Salazar and Kevin Casey vs Antonio Carlos Jr bouts ended early due to an eye poke and when the Ishihara vs Hirota plus Till vs Dalby fights ended in a draw. Follow along in 2015 to see who wins! Previous MMAOddsBreaker staff picks articles from this year UFC Fight Night 80 UFC Fight Night 79 UFC Fight Night 78 UFC 193 UFC Fight Night 77 UFC Fight Night 76 UFC 192 UFC Fight Night 75 UFC 191 UFC Fight Night 74 UFC Fight Night 73 UFC 190 UFC on Fox 16 UFC Fight Night 72 UFC Fight Night 71 TUF 21 Finale UFC 189 UFC Fight Night 70 UFC Fight Night 69 UFC 188 UFC Fight Night 68 UFC Fight Night 67 UFC 187 UFC Fight Night 66 UFC Fight Night 65 UFC 186 UFC on Fox 15 UFC Fight Night 64 UFC Fight Night 63 UFC Fight Night 62 UFC 183 UFC on Fox 14 UFC Fight Night 59 UFC 182 UFC FIght Night 60 UFC Fight Night 61 UFC 184 UFC 185

Written by Brian Hemminger

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