WSOF 26’s Josh Hill on Bekbulat Magomedov: ‘Nothing I haven’t seen before’

Bantamweight Josh Hill looks for his third straight win when he takes on Bekbulat Magomedov (16-0) at WSOF 26: Palmer vs. Almedia on Dec. 18th at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Hill (12-1) spoke to MMAOddsBreaker on Episode 135 of The Parting Shot Podcast and discussed a variety of topics.   Competing in Romania in his last fight at RXF 19: Kombat Fest Galați “It was awesome, a really cool experience. My coach is from there so it was good to have someone who knows the language and has connections. The fight itself was good [but] it kind of sucked. I weighed in, everything felt good then I don’t know what I ate, I think some meat. But the day after the fight I got some food poisoning, I was sick for two and half days. Other than that it was awesome. Herb Dean was with us, he was the ref up there so I got to chill with him for about a week. We did the touristy stuff but they also took us out and took us out for some good Romanian food.”   Defeating opponent Ioan Vrânceanu by Unanimous Decision  “My original opponent switched out of me and then [the replacement] came in overweight. Then they gave him two hours and he did [make weight] which was fine, so the fight was a go. Skillset wise I was ahead of the game versus my opponent but I didn’t have that pop that I usually have. I came close to finishing him a couple of times and I think if I had that pop, I could have finished him.”   Matchup with Bekbulat Magomedov at WSOF 26 “It’s an interesting fight, [it’s] his first fight in North America. He’s one of those Russian Sambo guys; they’re always tough, always in good shape, always have good wrestling and good submission skills. I watched a couple of his fights, he looks decent on the feet but nothing too flashy, nothing I haven’t seen before. His wrestling and top game looks good. It’s a tough fight, but 16-0 even if those guys are against lower competition you must be doing something right. Now he’s dropping down to 135-pounds, we’ll see how he does with the weight cut.”   Critics who say this matchup is punishment for comments made towards WSOF “They can say that I guess, I asked for fights for months and I didn’t get anything. I told them I take whoever they want, anybody on their roster. Right when they told me the name I said sure, I just wanted a fight. I expect tough fights now, I’m 12-1, I fought for a world title. I don’t expect to fight lower level guys. Every fight now is a tough fight for me.”   If a win earns the next bantamweight title shot  “I think they’re kind of leaning towards that. I don’t know what’s going on with it. I know in the running for a title fight is me, that Samir Aliev and now Magomedov. It will be interesting to see if I win this fight if they give me another shot against Marlon.”   Who he’s booking fights through, with Darren Owen taking a step back with WSOF “I’m dealing with Ali Abdel Aziz, he’s the matchmaker of World Series of Fighting. That’s the person who I’ve been going back and forth with for a long time, trying to get fights. Basically I texted him day in and out. I said to him ‘Listen Ali, I need to fight; I’ve been sitting on the self too long. While healthy which is the worst part. Either give me a fight or release me from my contract. I’ll find fights elsewhere.” He said he’d get me on {the December card] and that’s where we’re at.”   Dealing with Ali Abdel Aziz “To be honest, it’s been hell. You can ask my manager, he’s had a really hard time dealing with him. He doesn’t get back to us a lot with emails, phone calls and texts. When I actually talk to him, he’s actually fine. We sit down, talk and everything seems legit. Just getting a hold of him is the issue. I think with him being a matchmaker as well as managing fighters under this promotion. I fought [Marlon Moraes] who is managed by him. Whatever it is what it is, I just want to fight.”   Looking at options outside WSOF? “Right now I’m contractually obligated for World Series; I had to ask for special permission to fight for Global Warriors and in Romania. But I told those guys I want for fight for [WSOF} and I want to be one of their main {bantamweights], I want to be a champion. I just want them to use me more; I don’t want to wait 9-months to a year for a fight. I need to be more active and I’m not getting any younger, I just turned 29-years old. I’m in the prime of my career. I’m signed with them and I want them to use me. When my contract is up, we’ll see where it goes from there.”   Seeing opposing TUF 18 coach Ronda Rousey lose at UFC 193 “I’m not going to lie I was pretty pumped about it. Not so much because I don’t like Ronda, I got along with [her] she’s cool. I just thought the media and the UFC were pumping her out too much and making her out to be this invincible girl. I think she kind of got a taste of reality. I also didn’t like how she acted at the weigh ins. She’s the one who instigated that whole issue. Then not tapping gloves thing, I think it was a little bit of karma there.”   Thoughts on the new “Creed” movie  “I really liked it. I wasn’t too over the top; it wasn’t like the old school ‘Rocky’ It was good, it had suspense, drama, sadness – making Rocky look really old. I think they did it perfect. I kind of hope they end it there, I don’t want to see a ‘Creed II’.” You can follow Josh on Twitter @gentlemanjhill  and you can listen to the full audio version of this interview below (35 mins in)   

Written by James Lynch

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