Mike James Premium – UFC Fight Night 79

Mike James is in the black following his first four months at MMAOddsBreaker and he’s looking to continue his winning ways with UFC Fight Night 79. After losing 4.96 units for UFC Fight Night 78 last weekend, James is now up 101.78 units life-to-date. You can check a track record of his premium bets here. So what makes Mike different from our regular service?

  • Bet Diversity – Mike likes to bet props among other things so there should be plenty of different plays compared to Nick’s
  • Earlier bets – MMAOB Premium waits until after weigh-ins to release our bets, but Mike will make his bets throughout the week whenever he feels the line is strongest
  • More bets – While MMAOB averages about three bets per card (plus a free play), Mike has been known to give out 10+ bets. You can get more bang for your buck!
  • Cheaper! – Mike’s service is less expensive than Nick’s and we’re totally cool with that. Capitalism at its finest!

The UFC will be holding a significant amount of events over the next few months, so now is a great time to purchase a multi-week/month package. Now what’s holding you back? You can purchase Mike’s bets here (or just scroll down). Here’s an example of what Mike’s premium members saw for UFC Fight Night 78 last weekend: ———————————————————————————- 1 unit = 1% bankroll Risk X amount on underdogs, bet to win X amount on favorites (1-4) unit betting scale

  • Mike James’ Premium Bets

WSOF 25 Parlay 2.0 units to win 3.08 units: High (-485), Palomino (-350), Ricci (-280), and Mamedov (-485) (Several Bookmakers.eu) **Mike Ricci’s opponent was pulled from the tournament. So the play is now High, Palomino, and Mamedov risking 2 units to win 1.74 units.   Bellator Parlay Risking 3.0 units to win 3.07 units: Manhoef/Kato under 1.5 rounds (-225) with Bubba Jenkins (-250)  (Several Bookmakers.eu)   UFC Fight Night 78 3.0 unit parlay: Henry Cejudo (-475) with Kelvin Gastelum (-285)  (Bookmaker.eu) 3.0 units: Horacio Gutierrez (-165) (Bookmaker.eu) 2.0 units: Taylor Lapilus (-105) 2.0 units parlay to win 2.34 units: Escudero/Silva over 2.5 (-225) with Bartosz Fabinski (-199) ———————————————————————– You can purchase one of Mike’s premium betting packages below.        

Written by Brian Hemminger

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