WSOF 25’s Brian Foster on 155-pound tournament “I’m f****ng every one of these dudes up”

Lightweight Brian Foster makes his second appearance for WSOF in their inaugural one night lightweight tournament, which takes place on Nov. 20th. Foster (23-7) spoke to MMAOddsBreaker on Episode 130 of The Parting Shot Podcast and also discussed a variety of other subjects.   Most Memorable Fight (which includes the likes of Jake Shields, Rick Story & Matt Brown) “The beginning, my very first fight – a first round knockout victory over Deric Harris at Masters of the Cage 2 in 2006 – I learned a lot. I found out then it was something I was meant to do. I wasn’t drawn to a whole lot of things growing up. I didn’t necessarily know what I was headed into after highschool. My first fight, it pretty much let me know where I belong. ”   Competing in MMA because of his late brother  “My brother died April 30th 2006; I turned around and fought right around the corner. He was always my motivation and dying he became my inspiration. I wanted to do for our family what he knew I could and he gave me that confidence in passing.”    Not being able to compete at UFC 129 in Toronto and UFC release “I was preparing for the biggest stage in the world. I pretty sure UFC 129 was still probably the UFC fight card in history to this day. I was in the best shape of my life for that fight, it was heartbreaking. I had plans, goals and shit that needed to be done. I took the nut shot before the brain hemorrhage happened. It wasn’t even diagnosed as a brain hemorrhage; it was just pretty much a brain bruise. Kind of like a concussion.  I never had any symptoms or effects from it. After that first MRI got taken and I got suspended. Every MRI after that first one has been ccompletely fine. I’ve had 10-15 and I’ve paid for them myself. That’s how much I care about this and that’s how much I want to finish it. To have that shit happened it kind of stuck me in the stomach. You take man dreams from him, how else are you supposed to feel?”   Rumour of having Brain SurgeryI’VE NEVER HAD BRAIN SURGERY and please put that in big capital bold letters for these people. If I had brain surgery, I wouldn’t be doing this shit. I’m aware that MMAJunkie keeps getting this shit wrong and going off my Wikipeida and everything else, aside from asking me and people putting it out there. I never had brain surgery, like I said I have kids. If I had brain surgery I’m pretty sure I’d be living out the rest of my life.”   Signing with Bellator. Not fighting for them and missing all of 2012  “I really don’t want to talk about that, I was supposed to fight for Bellator. It came across a certain individual’s desk and apparently he has some kind of steam in the MMA world. Instead of finding out the facts and [having someone like me] that fighting is their dream. A lot of people look at the paper and what it says and they make their assessment off that paper versus getting the facts. I was put on hold because of what was on paper. ”   Keeping a positive outlook in life  “I surround myself with really good people. People that know I’m the best, people that tell me every day that I’m the best. My kids, people that love me, people that appreciate me. Keep my face out of the critics of social media, all the keyboard warriors out there in the world about all the stupid shit they don’t understand.”   Fighting in the inaugural one night WSOF lightweight tournament on Nov. 20th  “[Competing in the tournament] is actually my choice. They offered me to fight [Justin] Gaethje but they weren’t willing to pay for it. So in order for me to make some decent money and kind of make a statement at lightweight, it’s kind of something I wanted to do. I think some of the toughest fighters in the world were at the beginning of the sport. I think the pond is a little diluted with p****es these days, guys that think they can fight. If you look at my record I’ve got a lot of finishes. A lot of them are in the first round and I often find myself after these fights wanting to fight again that same night. This kind of fits who I am and the kind of fighting I like to do. Honestly to tell you the truth, none of these other dudes know what’s coming. I’m f**king every one of these dudes up.”   Training at Factory-X and the people helping him get ready for this fight  “Marcus Edwards [is] my number one training partner. He’s different and special in his own way. He’s a little bit younger then I keep up with him very well considering. I’ve got the experience on him but I’m his number one training partner too. It helps us both to be lightweight and both of us want the same thing. I’ve got Josh Cavan, Chris Camozzi, Brian Camozzi, Chase Hackett and my head coach Marc Montoya. We’re surrounded by really great people. Right now I’ve six blackbelts in here that we got coming in for me to prepare me for that. I haven’t been submitted this entire camp. I don’t’ this cat being able to submit me and I don’t see anyone at 155-pounds submitting me.”   Opening round matchup with João Zeferino at WSOF 25 “It’s not a match, that’s dudes going to sleep early. I am who I am; I’m not changing anything because of any kind of format or kind of special circumstances. This is who I am and people are going to get the real me this time. I’m not going to sugar-coat what I say. I’m not going to be a robot who is trying to be proper. I’m just so over it man, being in this game for 10-years has pissed me off. I have really good reason to be pissed off.”   Preference of who he’d like to fight in the tournament “I want to fight them all. Health permitting and I didn’t get injured; I’d fight them all that night. I don’t care. I spar 10-rounds every time I spar, I know exactly what I’m up against. I fight guys like there are in this tournament every day.”   You can follow Brian on Twitter @BrianFosterMMA and you can listen to the full audio version of this interview (24 mins in) on Episode 130 of The Parting Shot Podcast. 

Written by James Lynch

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