CES 31’s Greg Rebello talks opponent Mike Mucitelli, Boston Bruins hockey & more

Heavyweight Greg Rebello (18-6) discusses his upcoming fight against Mike Mucitelli (7-2) on October 30th at CES 31 during “1 on 1” edition of “The Parting Shot Podcast” While this is an important fight for the 33-year old, he’s not in a rush to get to the UFC. “I’m worried about Mike Mucitelli, I’m not worried about getting into the UFC right now. I’m just going to take care of business and we’ll see what happens after that. You’re not going see me take him down and submit him, I’m going for the knockout.”  Greg also talks about a variety of other topics including – Growing up playing hockey – Making the transition from hockey to MMA – A potential jump to the UFC – How his Boston Bruins will do this upcoming NHL season

Written by James Lynch

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