MMA Odds and Ends for Monday: Early Thoughts on UFC 190 Lines

Stefan Struve The lines for UFC 190’s main card were released over the weekend over at, and for today’s MMA Odds and Ends I’ll give my quick thoughts on them. Shogun Rua (-190) vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (+150) The first fight between these two was an epic back in the PRIDE days, but nowadays, both guys are worn out and I can’t believe this a co-main event of a UFC PPV. I think both guys are pretty shot but considering Nogueira’s long layoff, I’m going to have to lean towards Shogun in this one, but it’s not a confident pick by any means. Glaico Franca (-210) vs. Fernando Bruno (+160) TUF Finale fights are often “dog-or-pass” situations, but in this case I’d lean towards the favorite Franca to get the job done. As a younger fighter, I believe he’ll be able to outwork Bruno in this fight and get the win, although I don’t know if I’m winning to lay that much juice on an unknown. Dileno Lopes (-300) vs. Reginaldo Vieira (+220) Another situation where typically I’d say dog-or-pass, but in this case I’d lean towards a pass as I do think the favorite Lopes is going to get his hand raised. But like the other TUF Brazil fight, I’d rather not lay juice on it happening. Stefan Struve (-175) vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (+135) This is a really bad fight if you ask me. I don’t either guy should be fighting anymore due to all their health and injury concerns, but here we are, with both of them on a UFC PPV main card in 2015. Struve is the younger guy and is a lot longer, but Nogueira packs a mighty punch and if he can connect with Struve’s chin this is over. I do lean towards Nogueira in this fight, but no way I’d ever put my money on either guy. Soa Palelei (-230) vs. Antonio Silva (+170) This is another fight that shouldn’t be on PPV. Palelei is a strong guy with knockout power but he’s pretty limited aside from that. The thing, Silva doesn’t really do anything well these days, and his chin is made of paper. If Palelei can touch it, he’ll knock Silva out, and that’s my prediction for this fight, although I don’t think I’d bet on it just because neither guy is trustworthy. Claudia Gadelha (-265) vs. Jessica Aguilar (+185) I don’t think this fight is as one-sided as the line is making it out to be, but Gadelha has to be the pick here. She’s proven she’s a UFC-championship caliber fighter with her performance against the champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk, and while Aguilar is definitely a great fighter in her own right, I have to see more before I’d pick her against Gadelha, and at the current odds, it’s not tempting enough for me to do that.

Written by Adam Martin.

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