Prospect Spotlight: Trevor Ward fights July 11th at MFL 38

61f9e7fc98b11beda1f7427d58379565Name: Trevor Ward Age: 25 Height: 6’1 Weight Class: Flyweight Record: 5-1 Fighting Out Of: Springfield, Illinois (Warrior Concepts) Trevor Ward may be just 25-years old and have just six professional fights under his belt. But he’ll be the first to tell you, he holds more experience then most fighters. “I’m a rookie and a veteran really.” Ward told MMAOddsBreaker. “I’ve seen a lot of fights, I’ve been around a lot of shows, I know how the promotions work. I know the ins and out of MMA all around.” Ward was introduced to MMA by his stepfather at an early age. “He started me [in MMA] at about the age of five. He actually went to the very first UFC and opened up a little gym, a karate school where he just rented mat space. That was my babysitter [growing up], so that was where I went. I just watched a took part whenever I could. I started at karate when I was four. I quit that and just did MMA. Everything, judo to wrestling, kickboxing, you name it.” With that said, there are always some concerns about starting MMA too early. Look no further then the shortened careers of Joe Stevenson and Karo Parisyan. Ward isn’t one of those critics and believes his experience puts him head and shoulders over his peers. “I think I’ll have a long career because I’ve developed good defense and haven’t taken very much damage. I’m just smart because when I was 12 years old, I was sparring  with guys like [WEC veteran] Justin Robbins. Learning defense early in my career. I’ve seen guys been pushed to their limits and keep going. I know and understand that you can do that. I’m not the best I can be right now, but I’m going to be better tomorrow and the next day.” From a mental standpoint, Ward believes he’s mastered that aspect of the sport too. Along with training and competing, the 25 year old wakes up at midnight during the week to work a full time job. After that he trains the rest of the day and on average gets about 3-5 hours of sleep during the week. His rigorous schedule has kept him disciplined which has also made him mentally tough. “Its mentally [taxing] you’re driving a lot, your by yourself a lot. It is physically demanding too because of sleep. You got sleep when you can. [Opponents aren’t] going to break me. They’re going to have to put me to sleep or break my arm.  You’re not going to mentally grind me out. I’ve fought a lot of wrestlers that’s what they’re used to doing, is grinding. Whenever things don’t go their way they get frustrated and make mistakes.  That’s how I win most of my fights, you’ve got to be mentally strong.” On July 11th, Ward looks to go 6-1 in his career as he faces undefeated flyweight Jarred Brooks at Michiana Fight League 38. While he respects his opponent, the Warrior Concepts product believes he’ll come out on top. “I saw a few videos on him, he’s a tough kid he’s got a lot of heart as well. I just defeated Billy Friday about a month ago – at CCCW: Summerslam 3 –  and that kid had a lot of heart as well.  I don’t think [Brooks]  going to be as tough as Philly, but I think he’s definitely going to be a challenge. He’s; going to be a good wrestler and that’s what I’m used to fighting great wrestlers. I think it’s going to work out great in my favour and a great fight for sure. I’m just going to say, I don’t see it going 15 minutes.” Following this fight, Ward plans to make a permanent move to California to train at Team Alpha Male. It’s a decision that Ward believes is necessary to make a run at MMA as a full time career. Should he emerge victorious on July 11th, Ward hopes to make the leap to one of the bigger promotions. “I’m just keeping my eye on the main goal. My managers they do a good job, whatever they get me [in terms of fights], I’m down for it. Because I just want to fight the best in the world, I don’t necessary care where or when. I just want to compete.” You can follow Trevor on Twitter @Tward22 and he would like to thank Spartan Sport, Jansen Concrete & 66 Chiropractic. As well Guardian Sports Management.  

Written by James Lynch

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