Updated UFC Fight Night 70 Fighter Grades

UFC Fight Night: Machida v RomeroJay Primetown gives his thoughts on each of the fighters who competed at UFC Fight Night 70 in Hollywood, Florida and updates his letter grades on each. Jay gives his letter grades for each fighter on TheMMA-Analysis podcast which can be found on MMAOddsbreaker.com Sirwan Kakai vs. Danny Martinez Martinez: Moving up in weight was not the smartest decision as he was physically outmatched in his fight with Sirwan Kakai. His striking deficiencies did stand out as his technique is poor and strikes telegraphed. He’s tough and can take a punch, but don’t think he can offer much in the UFC. Downgraded from C- to D+ Kakai: Showed decent composure against a fighter who was looking for a brawl. I think his physical advantages in this bout played a key part in his ability to win. Still plenty of holes in his striking defense. Grade remains D+ Kakai Full grade (Before Fight/After Fight): Offensive Striking: C / C Striking Defense: D / D Knockout Power: D+ / C- Athleticism/Speed: D / D+ Footwork: C / C- Chin: D / D+ Offensive Wrestling: D+ / C- Takedown Defense: D / D Submissions: D+ / D+ Conditioning: C+ / C Intangibles: D+ / D+ Overall Grade: D+ / D+   Steve Montgomery vs. Tony Sims Montgomery: His size will certainly cause some fighters problems, but striking defense is bad and doesn’t take a punch well. Just not good enough to compete in the UFC. Grade remains D- Sims: Dropping down from welterweight to lightweight which should help him moving forward. He has great hands and movement. There are some question marks with his ability to grapple, but he has ability and is a fighter to watch. Upgraded from D to D+   Lewis Gonzalez vs. Leandro Silva Silva: While he did take this bout on short notice and up in weight class, some of his flaws really stood out. He has a creative ground game, but he’s sloppy and loses positions regularly on the mat. That will cost him against better opponents. Downgraded from C- to D+ Gonzalez: Came into this fight four pounds over the weight limit and it showed as he really struggled with conditioning late in the fight. Athleticism is a real issue. Gonzalez Full grade (Before Fight/After Fight): Offensive Striking: D+ / D+ Striking Defense: D+ / D Knockout Power: D / D Athleticism/Speed: D / D- Footwork: D / D Chin: D+ / D+ Offensive Wrestling: C- / D+ Takedown Defense: D+ / D+ Submissions: C- / D+ Conditioning: C / D Intangibles: D+ / D+ Overall Grade: D+ / D   Joe Merritt vs. Alex Oliveira Oliveira: Versatility may be his strongest attribute. Can fight in a variety of ways and be effective. Wrestling needs to become more consistent for him to potentially be a top 15 lightweight. Grade remains C+ Merritt: Took the fight on the short notice and was definitely game against a good opponent. When able to get top control, he has very good elbows. Merritt Full grade (Before Fight / After Fight): Offensive Striking: C / C Striking Defense: C- / D+ Knockout Power: D+ / C- Athleticism/Speed: C+ / B- Footwork: C / C- Chin: N/A / C- Offensive Wrestling: D / D+ Takedown Defense: D+ / D+ Submissions: D / D Conditioning: C- / D+ Intangibles: D+ / D+ Overall Grade: D+ / D+   Hacran Dias vs. Levan Makashvili Dias: Offensive wrestling is pretty solid, but conditioning still a major liability. Striking not good enough to compete with top 10 in division. Downgraded from B- to C+ Makashvili: Striking is improving, but needs to work in more combinations. Takedown defense needs to be refined. If he can improve there, top 15 in the division is certainly possible. Upgraded from C to C+   Steve Bosse vs. Thiago Santos Bosse: Hard to grade since the fight was so short and he was hit with one of the best leg kicks one will ever see. Grade remains D Santos: Has made himself into a must watch fighter after his potential knockout of the year performance against Steve Bosse. Upgraded from C- to C   Antonio Carlos Jr. vs. Eddie Gordon Carlos Jr: Very impressive win for the TUF Brazil champion. Dropping down to middleweight was a smart decision as he looks like a viable fighter in the weight class. Upgraded from C to C+ Gordon: His worst fight inside the Octagon. Dominated from start to finish. Not a threat to hurt his opponent on the feet and if unable to work in takedowns, he has very little chance to win. Grade remains D+   Lorenz Larkin vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio Larkin: Striking technique and accuracy near the top of the division. Question marks about cardio in a high output fight, but he’s certainly game and ready to compete with top 10 fighters in the division. Upgraded from B- to B Ponzinibbio: No such thing as a boring Santiago Ponzinibbio fight. For as good as his offensive output is, his defensive effort is just as bad. He’s a fun action fighter and will remain in the organization for as long as his chin holds up. Grade remains C   Lyoto Machida vs. Yoel Romero Machida: Seemed to slow down about halfway through the second round. I think age and damage are finally catching up to Lyoto Machida. Downgraded from A- to B+ Romero: Might be the most exciting fighter in the sport. His improvement from fight to fight are incredible given that he’s 38 years of age. Athleticism and power may very well be at the top of the division. He’s now one fight away from competing for the title. Upgraded from B+ to A

Written by Jay Primetown

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