Elias Theodorou talks Amazing Race Canada, potential Uriah Hall fight & UFC Reebok deal

Undefeated UFC middleweight Elias Theodorou made headlines last week as it was announced he was a contestant (along with his girlfriend Max) on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race Canada. The Canadian spoke to MMAOddsBreaker on Episode 110 of “The Parting Shot Podcast” to discuss this and a variety of other topics. How the audition came together “My girlfriend and I decided ‘What the hell?’ Funny fact we weren’t actually seriously dating at that point. We didn’t really talk about anything serious. Once we did the show, it kind of progressed [and we changed] our secret side-ride into dating. I think our personalities alone [got us the audition]. Based on the fact I am who I am, it sealed the deal. January is when it was kind of like when it was getting all real. I got the official nod before I was getting ready for my last fight. It’s obviously an open casting. [Max and I] kind of just made an audition in like three tries, it was perfect and they loved it. It kind of all just worked out. ” eliasamazingrace   Competing on Season 3 of The Amazing Race Canada  “You’ll see it kind of all works out, it’s honestly all chaos. I don’t know how to explain it better than that. Experience was great; there was a lot of stuff that doesn’t make it to TV. I honestly got to spend more time with an amazing person. Win or lose I get to go away with something priceless….her.”   UFC middleweight Sam Alvey calling him out  “I thought [his callout] was smart, it made sense. Let’s be clear, he did it for a reason. I’m the much more known fighter; I’m the much more accomplished fighter in some regards. It’s a marketing aspect. His wife is no stranger to marketing herself, as an America’s Next Top Model winner. We’re both undefeated in the reality circuit. It is what it is; I respect him for doing it. With that being said, I’m not going force myself to fight some specific person because he said so. I’m the master of my own destiny and I do what I want.”   The “Hair vs. Hair” stipulation for the Alvey fight  “It’s definitely not a fair trade. I guess you can trade what we’re known for. He’s known for his teeth and I’m known for my hair. I’ll take his teeth on fight night if we ever fight.”   Prediction: Chris Weidman vs. Luke Rockhold  “I think Luke has been looking amazing and he’s been more dominant. What he was able to do to Lyoto Machida was no easy feat. I just think Weidman is still at that point where he beat the best there ever was, every will be in Anderson Silva. To have that confidence and to have that unbeaten mentality , record, and all that jazz I think he’s going to do what he always does, win.”   eliasweidman   What’s next   “Honestly no specifics, I’m kind of growing and there are many different things I’m obviously doing outside the cage. I’m actually making my acting debut in a movie where I play “The Coolest Guy Ever”, it’s called “Clusterf**k” the actual technical term for the movie. There are so many different aspects I’m doing inside and outside of the cage. There is no set date [for my return]”   Calling out Uriah Hall  “Even though he’s on a loss, he’s well known. His last fight he showed how much of a mental case he is, in the sense that potential is the most loaded word you can use because it means you’re not living up to it. I just think I have much more mental fortitude and if he wants to prove me wrong, I’d love to prove me right. I plan to break him mentally, physically, emotionally and possibly sexually.”   Teammate Misha Cirkunov signing with the UFC “It’s about god damn time! I think the issue with Misha was always the case of the people he had around him. You are the accumulation of the people you surround yourself with. Some of the people he had around him weren’t the best for him. He’s been working with my coach Lachlan Cheng for now 8-months. Two fights in eight short months [Misha’s] is in the UFC.  I think in many ways he’s one of the best coaches in all of Canada. With his only two students being both in the UFC and in many ways are the [brightest] in terms of the future. mishaelias   Training with Cirkunov and cornering him at UFC Fight Night Saskatoon “We train pretty much every single day. Now that his camp coming up, I’m going to be helping him. I’m going to be in his corner and his cornerman. I’m basically going to show that there is no real big difference between the regionals and the UFC, other than same job, better office. As crazy at it sounds even though he’s been in MMA way longer than I have, I have more fights than he does and more experience being on the big show. Even though in many ways in the technical aspects he’s my big brother, but with the razzle dazzle that’s my division. I’m just going to help him out any way I can. I’m going to help him be undefeated in the UFC.”   What fans can expect from Cirkunov in his UFC debut “The thing that people are really going to be surprised [about] is that he’s a technical savage and a very complete grappler. What’s really amazing is the fact that he’s become really creative on his hands.  His last two fights one of them was a straight knockout with a kick, the other one he kneed the guy to oblivion before [sinking in the armbar]. He’s just honestly just becoming a more complete fighter.”   UFC coming to Saskatchewan  “It’s great just the idea of more Canadian MMA [destinations] one would be happy if they came to Ontario, but I digress. We need more Canadian MMA in the UFC. Global Warriors put on a great show a few weeks ago, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The vortex with GSP leaving, we need to be hitting every single market and pack it we can with a full house.”   Attending the recent UFC summit in Las Vegas “It was an amazing experience. The way they kind of set it up – years past they kind of invited everyone – this one they wanted to bring  40 fighters they think will have a really bright future. I had a great time; I got to meet a lot of the other fighters. Listen to what the UFC is going to do for us; they’re really going to be invested in us in an amazing way. Actually me, [Olivier Aubin Mercier] and [Chad Laprise] are going to EXOS, which is a world renowned gym in Arizona. Basically they are going offer us different programs to basically start our camps in world renowned training facilities.  They’re actually in the process of building their own, that they’re going to [build] in Vegas which will be an open door policy. They want to allow fighters to get the best training they can.”   eliasufcsummit   UFC’s new drug policy  “I’m excited for the new drug policy that they have. For someone who has nothing to hide, I’m so excited to see half these guys deflate in the next couple of months. I’m honestly I’m going to break a bunch of other guys mentally, physically and possibly sexually.”   UFC’s new sponsorship deal with Reebok “I understand why people are afraid of change. But gone are the days of NASCAR and now we’re professional athletes. We’re becoming more and more mainstream. You can’t put your friend’s muffler shop on an NBA jersey, so why should it be the case here. For me personally I’m in favour of the Reebok deal because it’s what you make of something. I’ve already made a conversation. I look at MMA and the UFC as a vehicle. I did the Amazing Race, I’m making my acting debut, I’m actually making my pro wrestling debut later in July, honestly I’m going to be playing with it. I’m not going to put all my eggs in one basket. With that being said I’m obviously a mixed martial artist and that’s my passion and that’s what I am [indefinitely] You don’t’ want to be labelled just a fighter, but also an entertainer. ”   You can follow Elias on Twitter @EliasTheodorou.  Canadians can watch him on “The Amazing Race Canada” in July on CTV. Elias is also making his pro wrestling debut July 18th in Toronto. You can listen to the full audio version of this interview below (66 mins in)  

Written by James Lynch

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