MMA Odds and Ends for Wednesday: List of Recently-Released UFC Fighters

tim-elliott-ufc-164 The UFC this week released 10 fighters from its roster. Below are the unlucky 10 who lost their jobs, along with their UFC records:

  • Tim Elliott (2-4)
  • Louis Gaudinot (1-3, 1 NC)
  • Shane Howell (0-2)
  • Alp Ozkilic (1-3)
  • Tateki Matsuda (0-2)
  • Alexander Torres (0-1)
  • Shayna Baszler (0-2)
  • Rocky Lee (0-1)
  • Vic Grujic (1-3)
  • Dylan Andrews (2-3)

Based on their UFC records, none of these cuts are surprising, although I do believe the UFC should have kept a few of these fighters around for one more fight. Elliott did lose his last three fights in a row, but overall he was a solid contributor to the UFC’s flyweight division and considering how weak of a division it is, I thought he would have received one more fight. I also thought that Matsuda, who was involved in two close decision losses — one of which came on short notice — would have received another opportunity, but the UFC decided to cut him after just two fights. I was also a bit surprised Baszler was let go. We know her close connection to Ronda Rousey, so I figured that would be enough to keep her around for one more go in the Octagon. But apparently it wasn’t, as she’s been released. It’s just strange that she got the boot while her training partner Jessamyn Duke remains on the roster. The UFC must feel that since Duke is young, at least she can improve her skills, while Baszler is an older fighter and Sean Shelby must believe she has nothing left in the tank. The list of cuts usually happens at the beginning of each month, so fighters on the UFC Fight Night 67 card who are to be released likely will receive their pink slips on July 1. When that date comes around, it’s very likely the outspoken Ryan Jimmo will be on that list, along with Wendell Oliveira, Luiz Dutra, and possibly Damon Jackson. All four of those fighters have lost two in a row, and while the UFC used to generally give fighters three losses in a row before they were released, with so many fighters on the roster these days that number has been cut down to two, and in the same of some fighters, one loss and you’re out. It’s a tough business as these fighters know, but that’s what they signed up for when they inked a deal with the UFC.

Written by Adam Martin.

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