Gabe Killian’s Wager Recap for UFC Fight Night 67

Francimar-BarrosoThe Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returned to Brazil this past Saturday night (May 30, 2015) with UFC Fight Night 67 and produced a night of solid scraps. With the event now behind us, let’s go over my recommended wagers from the evening… Straight Plays Reis (+140) 1u to win 1.4uLOSS Alves (+240) 1.25u to win 3uLOSS Barroso (+235) 1.75u to win 4.11uWIN Jackson (+155) 2.65u to win 4.1uLOSS Parlays Bektic (-400), Dalby (-365) and Trinaldo/Parke Over 2.5 rounds (-225) at +130 for 3.85u to win 5uWIN Bektic (-400), Dalby (-365) and Formiga/Reis Over 2.5 rounds (-265) at +119 for 3.4u to win 4.05uWIN Bektic (-400), Trinaldo/Parke Over 2.5 rounds (-225) and Formiga/Reis Over 2.5 rounds (-265) at +148 for 2.7u to win 4.01uWIN C. Oliveira (-270) and A. Oliveira (-135) at +138 for 3u to win 4.15uWIN Prop Plays Here are my prop plays. Alves by Decision (+570) 1u to win 5.7uLOSS Lentz by Decision (+335) .45u to win 1.5uLOSS Barroso Decision (+500) 1u to win 5uWIN Barroso +3.5 (+100) 1u to win 1uWIN Jacskon by Decision (+350) 1u to win 3.5uLOSS Jackson +3.5 (-140) 1.4u to win 1uLOSS Reis by Decision (+190) 1u to win 1.9LOSS Dalby by Submission (+437) .55u to win 2.4uLOSS Bektic ITD (+143) 1u to win 1.43uWIN Bektic by TKO (+235) .5u to win 1.17uWIN Bektic by Submission (+513) .4u to win 2.05uLOSS Bektic -3.5 (-180) 1.8u to win 1u WIN Till/Oliveira FOTN +800 .25u to win 2uLOSS Dutra/Breese FOTN +1700 .45u to win 7.65uLOSS UFC FIGHT NIGHT 67 Straight/Parlay total: 5-3 for +16.42u Props total: 5-9 for +3.1u Overall total: 10-12 for +19.52 2015 Straight/Parlay total: 64-69 for +13.33u Props total: 80-144 for +9.21u Overall total: 144-213 for +22.54u Underdogs: 23-31 for +18.35u Event win/loss: 16-17

Written by Gabe Killian

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