UFC Fight Night 68’s Shawn Jordan talks Derrick Lewis rematch, Arlovski/Browne and Netflix

61f9e7fc98b11beda1f7427d58379565UFC heavyweight Shawn “The Savage” Jordan looks to extend his winning streak to three straight on Saturday when he faces off against Derrick Lewis, in a rematch, at UFC Fight Night 68 in New Orleans. The former LSU fullback spoke to MMAOddsBreaker on Episode 107 of “The Parting Shot Podcast” and discussed a variety of topics.   Fighting in Bellator and leaving for Strikeforce in 2011  “It was great. Initially [Bellator] wasn’t as big as they were now. I think it was my first taste of a bigger organization. Bellator was always really good to me, took care of me, always a great time fighting for them. I was only on a fight to fight contract with them; I was never under an official contract with Bellator. I think right before I went to Strikeforce, my manager and I were working out a deal to do one of their tournaments. I think some other [heavyweight fighter] put his form in his form before I did, or something happened and I got bounced out of that. I think a month later I was fighting for Strikeforce. However you look at it good or bad, Bellator was a great company.”   Bad Blood with Derrick Lewis in their first fight (July 2010, Cajun Fighting Championships: Full Force)  “[Our first fight] was a three rounds; he wants to say that the Louisiana commission took it from him or saved me. There were a few instances when the bell rang and we were walking back, like late strikes and stuff. I don’t have bad blood. I think I’ve grown since then, we’re both way better athletes at this point in our careers. I think he has a little bit of bad blood because apparently he keeps talking about it. I’m just looking forward to fighting again in front of my friends and family.”   Lewis’ 41 second loss to Matt Mitrione (September 2014, UFC Fight Night 50) “That Mitrone fight I think he was little nervous because Matt is a big guy too. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Derrick shoot on somebody. I don’t know, I think he’s going to come out like a bull with me because he’s upset and I’m short so he’ll think he can outpower me.”   Defeating Lewis first time, having the mental advantage  “I’m not sure if [I do] or not, maybe slightly because it will come out a bit more emotional. For me I don’t take fights emotionally because I feel like it makes you not fight clearly. He comes out hard every fight, he’s trying to finish fights fast and he doesn’t have a good gas tank.”   How Lewis rematch will play out  “Derricks still a really big, strong guy. I think I’m more diverse, I bring more to the table. But we’re heavyweights, we hit hard it’s a blessing and a curse. Once you punch us it can change the entire fight. I think we match up well, I have a feeling if it gets into deeper water I have an advantage.  He actually came out to American Top Team for a little while [when he first fought for the UFC]. He’s big strong guy and didn’t say much. I know I’m faster than he is. I just have to keep moving. He and I both hit hard, it can be a fast finish and a really explosive fight. I have to wait and see how he’s going to come out. If he comes out really fast, I think it’s going to be something where it’s kind of a battle of attrition.”   Where a win puts him in the UFC’s heavyweight division  “Hopefully it puts me a fight in the Top 10. Fighting Derrick, nothing against him, it’s kind of stepping back a little bit. I’d like to fight some of the bigger name guys and get a better contract. We do this to try and compete and get as high as we can.”   Watching former teammates Andrei Arlovski and Travis Browne fight each other at UFC 187  “Travis is one of my best buds, I love him to death. I talk to him on a regular basis. At my time at Jacksons, Andrei was a great guy but kind of standoffish. His history with fighting is something to look up to. It was heartbreaking for me watching that happen with Travis. It was a bittersweet feeling because I know both guys. Andrei is a legend, he’s fought some of the toughest guys in the world for a long time.”   Training at American Top Team  “I think when originally moved out, I think Travis was down [there]; there wasn’t a lot of heavyweights when I was[training] at Jackson’s. I was fighting Mike Russow [at the time] who was kind of a grappler and a grinder. My manager mentioned that out here at American Top Team they have guy out here, Steve Mocco, who is one of the best American wrestler heavyweights around. I came out here to train with him initially and kind of get a new look on things [establishing that relationship]. It worked out and it went well, [so I came back to train here]. There still is the possibility of going back to Jacksons and coach Winklejohn is still there. Coach Wink is one of the best striking coaches out there.”   TUF 21: ATT vs. The Blackzillians  “We were actually lucky enough to watch it [live] and kind of be the fans for it. It’s exciting and it’s good exposure for both teams. The whole rivalry came before my time here. I’m a heavyweight I don’t really have the luxury of having rivalries. Then again you have guys [at the Blackzillians] like, [Matt Mitrione], Stefan Struve that I could potentially could see down the line. It’s neat to watch to see the relationships between the two gyms. But it on the show it looks like a gang fight, but it’s not like that. A lot of us know each other too, so it’s not crazy.”   Binging on Netflix during training camp  “Whenever I start fight camp I kind of shut the world out. I veg out on Netflix and stuff like that; I don’t know why I do that, it’s just easier for me. It’s kind of these fictional, non-fictional [TV shows]. I mean like Revolution, The 100. I just actually started Sons of Anarchy. I’m on Season 3. I started watching this weekend. I’m three of seven seasons, so I have another two week on here. After the fight I’ll stop watching it for a little while.”   You can follow Shawn  on Twitter @SavageShawn and listen to the full audio version of this interview on Episode 107 of The Parting Shot Podcast

Written by James Lynch

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