Gabe Killian’s Wager Recap for Titan FC 33 and UFC Fight Night 62

Fredy-Serrano-FightlandTitan FC 33 (CBS Sports Network) and UFC Fight Night 62 (Fox Sports 1) were live this past weekend and produced some, for better or worse, unforgettable moments. Now it’s time for me to look back on my wagers from the fight weekend. All of the plays I suggested were available for wagering purposes at Several Bookmakerss. And without further ado, here is a recap of my recommended wagers: Straight Plays TITAN FC 33 Harrison (-165) 1.65u to win 1uWIN Lyons (+115) 1u to win 1.5uLOSS UFC FIGHT NIGHT 62 The plays can be found here Koscheck (+450) 2.2u to win 9.9uLOSS Santos (+110) 1.5u to win 1.65uWIN Dober (+140) 3.25u to win 4.55uLOSS Carrizosa (+145) 2u to win 2.9uLOSS Serrano (+125) 3.2u to win 4uWIN   Parlays   TITAN FC 33 Green (-210) and Johns (-210) at +117 for 2.5u to win 2.94uLOSS UFC FIGHT NIGHT 62 LaFlare (-160), Burns (-510) and Nunes (-390) at +144 for 5u to win 7.21uLOSS Oliveira/Burns Under 1.5 rounds (+115) with Nunes/Baszler Under 1.5 rounds (+100) at +330 for 3u to win 9.9uLOSS Trinaldo (-205) parlayed with Giagos (-215) at +117 for 2.55u to win 3u WIN   Prop Plays UFC FIGHT NIGHT 62 The plays can be found here. Silva/Koscheck Won’t Start Round Two (+110) .5u to win .55uWIN Silva/Koscheck Won’t Start Round Three (-215) 1.29u to win .6uWIN Koscheck in Round One (+1425) .2u to win 2.85uLOSS Santos in Round Three (+1250) .2u to win 2.5uLOSS Nunes in Round One (+185) 1u to win 1.85uWIN Nunes by Submission (+580) 1u to win 5.8uLOSS Nunes -3.5 (-250) 2.5u to win 1uWIN Burns in Round One (+155) 1u to win 1.55uLOSS Burns -3.5 (-290) 2.9u to win 1uWIN Arreola/Trinaldo Doesn’t Go Distance (-120) .6u to win .5uLOSS Trinaldo ITD (+200) .5u to win 1uLOSS Dober in Round Three (+2400) .25u to win 6uLOSS Dober by T/KO (+1150) .4u to win 4.6u LOSS Dober -3.5 (-195) 1.95u to win 1uLOSS Carrizosa +3.5 (-140) .7u to win 5uLOSS Giagos -3.5 (-115) 1.15u to win 1uWIN Serrano by Decision (+230) 1u to win 2.3uLOSS Serrano by T/KO (+500) .4u to win 2uWIN Serrano in Round One (+700) .5u to win 3.5uLOSS Serrano -3.5 (-225) .56 to win .25uWIN   TITAN FC 33 Overall total: 1-2 for -2.5u   UFC FIGHT NIGHT 62 Straight/Parlay total: 3-5 for -6.8u Props total: 8-12 for -.05u Overall total: 11-17 for -6.85u   WEEKEND TALLY Straight/Parlay total: 4-7 for -9.3u Props total: 8-12 for -.05u Overall total: 12-19 for -9.35u   2015 Straight/Parlay total: 31-36 for -8.74u Props total: 44-67 for +6.25u Overall total: 75-103 for -2.49u Underdogs: 13-13 for +17.96u Event win/loss total: 10-9

Written by Gabe Killian

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