The Comical Delusions of Uncle Creepy

ian-mccall-2_crop_exactLosing badly to a fighter who you were heavily favored to defeat would humble most fighters. Not UFC flyweight Ian McCall. Coming off his unanimous decision loss to John Lineker at UFC 183 a few weeks ago, his mouth has surprisingly grown bigger than ever. “Uncle Creepy” made headlines following Ronda Rousey’s UFC 184 victory over Cat Zingano, when he told interviewer Rick Lee that it is ridiculous to entertain the idea of her fighting a man. He believes that the UFC’s Women’s Bantamweight Champion would stand zero chance against any man. “A good man will not lose to Ronda Rousey,” said McCall. “I could put a Judo gi on, (she’s) an Olympian. You’re not throwing me. It’s not going to happen. I will throw you on your head. Pretty simple. And you weigh more than me,” added McCall. UFC heavyweight (and rumored ex-boyfriend of Ronda Rousey) Brendan “Big Brown” Schaub weighed-in on the matter on a recent episode of his podcast, The Fighter and the Kid. “If (McCall) put on a gi, Ronda would rag-doll him around the gym… He would be surprised,” said Schaub. I am in complete agreement with the former Ultimate Fighter finalist on this matter, as I believe Rousey is realistically capable of beating a man, even throwing around McCall if they were to put on the judo gis. This goes to show that with every dominant performance, “Rowdy” seems to draw out nearly as much sexism as she does continuing to keep women’s MMA on the map. How Rousey would fare against a top 15 male bantamweight remains a topic of conversation at water coolers today. McCall has given his opinion that she wouldn’t do well, but he has also gone as far as saying no “good man” would lose to her, not even in a Judo match-up. In my opinion, not only are McCall’s comments disrespectful, but they are also comically delusional. Unfortunately, the delusions do not end there. “I only watched the (John Lineker) fight once,” McCall told Lee. “I didn’t get my ass kicked as bad as I thought. I just drew a blank. I remember I was so on-point. I’ve never been more on-point, physically. And I just shit the bed, mentally… I lost to a guy who sucks. Realistically, he sucks.” Not only did I personally bet on McCall to defeat Lineker at UFC 183, but I was also heavily rooting for him to win, as I really wanted to see him get another crack at the UFC’s 125-pound gold. Being someone who not only supported McCall in the Lineker fight, but having been a supporter of his throughout his career, I think it means more when I say that he did in fact get his ass kicked by the Brazilian, and no, that was certainly not the most “physically on-point” he has ever been. “Uncle Creepy” is coming off a loss to someone who he believes “sucks” and he is now 2-3-1 in the UFC. Again, normally a fighter in such a position would be humbled, but not McCall. “I need to beat up someone from Alpha Male and (Joseph Benavidez) seems like a good candidate,” said McCall. “And he’s ranked above me,” added McCall. With that, the chronicle of the Comedic Delusions of Uncle Creepy continues… McCall, despite being aware of the fact that he just lost to Lineker, somehow thinks he deserves a step up the flyweight ladder. Joseph Benavidez is scheduled to take on John Moraga at UFC 187 in May, and despite the outcome of the contest, McCall wants to take on Benavidez next. “Joe B” is expected to defeat Moraga, and had McCall defeated Lineker, perhaps a Benavidez vs McCall rematch would have been a good fight to make, but they’ve already fought once and Benavidez walked away with a pretty one-sided unanimous decision. Not to beat a dead horse, but again, Lineker badly beat McCall, so that (McCall vs Benavidez) match-up would make absolutely no sense. That is, unless in the unlikely scenario where Moraga manages to pull off another upset. When the UFC’s flyweight division was first introduced, “Uncle Creepy” was my favorite fighter at 125-pounds, and I hoped he would win the four-man tournament and become the promotion’s inaugural flyweight champion. After some time where other 125-pounders grew on me and I saw McCall display no hunger in his fights, he was no longer my #1 favorite flyweight, but heading into his UFC 183 bout, I still considered him one of my favorites. That is no more. Certainly not following another fight where his heart and conditioning were lacking, and definitely not after the comically delusional comments he has made since the defeat. I used to get excited knowing an “Uncle Creepy” fight was approaching, but now I would not be sad to see my former-favorite flyweight be put on the chopping block; especially should he drop to 2-4-1 inside the Octagon.

Written by Gabe Killian

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