The Surprises & Disappointments Of UFC Fight Night 60

Chas_Skelly Surprises and Disappointments is a column featured on after every UFC event, highlighting three fighters who had surprising performances and three fighters who disappointed. Here were the three biggest surprises and the three biggest disappointments from UFC Fight Night 60. Surprises Benson Henderson — I was on the Brandon Thatch hype train so I was pretty surprised to see him get submitted by Benson Henderson. Despite having a huge size advantage, Thatch was taken down in the fight and gassed as it went on, eventually getting subbed in the fourth. There’s no doubt Henderson is a great fighter, and with a win like this over Thatch, he might even be top 15 at welterweight right now. Efrain Escudero — I did pick Efrain Escudero to beat Rodrigo De Lima, but I didn’t think he’d look as good as he did. For someone who has really struggled the last few years, Escudero showed up in a big way Saturday night, beating down De Lima for three-straight rounds before getting his hand raised at the end of 15 minutes. The solid performance by Escudero should earn him at least two more fights in the Octagon. Chas Skelly — I was expecting Chas Skelly to beat Jim Alers, but I sure didn’t expect him to be so dominant doing so. Skelly, who is known for his grappling, showed improved striking in the fight before finally getting the TKO stoppage with one second to go in the second. Now 3-1 in the UFC, “The Scrapper” could break into the top 15 of the featherweight division soon. Disappointments Patrick Walsh — Patrick Walsh came into his fight with Dan Kelly over six pounds overweight and then looked terrible, losing a decision to the Australian in a fight that no one enjoyed watching. Walsh is 1-1 in the UFC, but he has a boring fighting style, is in bad shape, and doesn’t seem like he is committed to his career. He could get another fight in the Octagon, but after missing weight so badly, I wouldn’t be shocked if Joe Silva cut him right now. Rodrigo De Lima — Following a thorough beatdown by Efrain Escudero, Rodrigo De Lima is now 0-2 in the UFC and at a very real risk of being cut by the promotion. His chin and cardio are both terrible and he offers little-to-no offence on the feet and on the ground. After losing so decisively against Escudero in a fight he was heavily favored in, I’d be very surprised if he gets another fight in the UFC. Tim Elliott — Now 2-4 in the UFC, Tim Elliott is another guy who could be on the chopping block. He has been competitive in all of his losses, but he fights very sloppy and has really bad takedown defence. I like Elliott, but if he gets another fight in the UFC it will be because he is exciting, not because he earned it by winning fights.

Written by Adam Martin.

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