UFC on Fox 14 Newcomer Breakdown: Anthony Christodoulou

Anthony-ChristodoulouPrior to each UFC card, Jay Primetown takes a close look at debuting fighters. In the latest installment, we look at welterweight Anthony Christodoulou as he takes on Russian welterweight Mairbek Taisumov at UFC on Fox 14 in Stockholm, Sweden. Anthony Christodoulou Hometown: Glyfada, Greece Age: 27 Height: 5’9” Reach: – Weight Class: Lightweight Camp: Renzo Gracie Academy Career Record: 12-4 Key Wins: None Key Losses: Yosdenis Cedeno, Jerrod Sanders Background A Greek-American, Christodoulou has fought on the regional in both Greece and the United States. He’s trained in Thailand as well as in New York City for previous fight camps and has a grappling-based fight style. Strengths

  • Good size for the division
  • Strikes in volume
  • Good chin
  • When fight does go to the ground, he’s good in top control
  • Decent cardio


  • Poor overall striker
  • Lacks offensive striking technique to compete with most UFC fighters
  • Striking defense is weak
  • Doesn’t have wrestling ability to control where fight takes place



  Matchup with Mairbek Taisumov From a skill perspective, this is a mismatch. Taisumov is a well-rounded striker with excellent kicks. On the feet, the Greek American is at a clear disadvantage. His technique and skill level simply isn’t at the level of ability that Taisumov is capable of. Christodoulou will push forward and if this becomes a back against the cage type affair, it can be competitive. There is no reason for Taisumov to take this fight to the ground. The only way Christodoulou can win this fight is if he gets top control and is able to hold position for the majority of the fight. Taisumov can be a bit complacent on the feet and if he attempts to force takedowns, there is a way he can lose. If Taisumov fights smart and keeps it a striking range, he wins a clear decision. At over a five to one favorite at the time of publication, it’s hard to advocate a straight bet on Taisumov. Given Christodoulou’s durability, the decision prop on Taisumov is the best opportunity to get a good number on this fight. UFC Ceiling The UFC would love to break into the Greek market with a fighter that fans can rally behind. Unfortunately for the UFC, Christodoulou is not that guy. His striking simply isn’t at the level necessary to succeed in the UFC. In order for him to get wins in the organization, he will need to be dominant on the ground. He will need to make real improvements in his offensive wrestling if he’s going to have a steady career in the UFC. Fight Film Check out Anthony Christodoulou in some of his recent fights: Anthony Christodoulou vs. Yosdenis Cedeno   Anthony Christodoulou vs. John Ortolani

Written by Jay Primetown

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