Gabe Killian’s Wager Recap for WSOF 17, Bellator 132 and UFC Fight Night 59

It was a solid weekend of fights with Bellator 132, WSOF 17 and UFC Fight Night 59 taking place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively, but unfortunately due to a pair of highly controversial judges’ decisions in the Pendred/Spencer and Cerrone/Henderson fights, I was left without profit this past weekend. Here is a recap of my recommended wagers from the past two weeks… ’FOTN’ Value Picks for UFC Fight Night 59: Henderson/Cerrone +250 – LOSS Perez/Case – +1100 – LOSS Rosa/Soriano +650 – LOSS You can read the article here. Straight Plays Straus/Feire Over 4.5 rounds (-160) 2u to win 1.25uLOSS Georgi Karakhanyan (+100) 3.5u to win 3.5uWIN Benson Henderson (-130) 3.25u to win 2.5uLOSS Norman Parke (+125) 2u to win 2.5uLOSS Frankie Perez (+160) 1.25u to win 2uLOSS Parlays Shields (-485) parlayed with Mladenov (-260) at -157 2.05u to win 1.3u WIN Sanchez/Matsuda Over 2.5 rounds (-265) parlayed with Van Buren/O’Connell Over 1.5 rounds (-130) at +143 2.3u to win 3.3uWIN Conor McGregor (-1250) parlayed with Urijah Hall (-1000) and Lorenz Larkin (-155) at -105 3.25u to win 3.1uWIN Sean Spencer (-165) parlayed with Chris Wade (-450) at -104 4.05u to win 3.9uLOSS Straight/Parlay total: 4-4 for -1.35u Prop Plays All prop plays were posted here. McGregor/Siver Starts Round Two (+109) 1u to win 1.09uWIN Hall -3.5 (-350) 1.75u to win .5u WIN Wade -3.5 (-240) 2.4u to win 1uWIN Perez +3.5 (-155) 1.55u to win 1uLOSS Van Buren/O’Connell Goes to Decision (+240) .75u to win 1.8uLOSS Van Buren by Decision (+538) .4u to win 2.15uLOSS Over 7.5 Fights Go the Distance (+538) 0.2u to win 1uLOSS Over 8.5 Fights Go the Distance (+1840) 0.4u to win 7.36u LOSS Under 3.5 Fights End in T/KO (+127) 0.4u to win 0.5u LOSS Prop total: 3-6 for -1.11u Total: 7-10 for -2.46u Updated 2015 Stats Straight/Parlay total for 2015: 8-7 for +5u Props total for 2015: 7-13 for -3.41u Overall Total for 2015: 15-20 for +1.59u

Written by Gabe Killian

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