MMA Odds and Ends for Monday: TUF 20 Finale Sneak Peek

Charles Oliveira 2 MMA oddsmaker Nick Kalikas recently released the full main card betting odds for the TUF 20 Finale at Several Bookmakers. Here’s a preview of the nine bouts announced so far. Jeremy Stephens vs. Charles Oliveira Stephens opened at -125, Oliveira -115. Stephens is now -135 with the comeback on Oliveira -105. I really like Oliveira in this fight and think at the dog money he’s worth betting on. Look for a full in-depth fight breakdown for this one later this week on Daron Cruickshank vs. KJ Noons Cruickashank opened at -165, Noons +125. Cruickshank is now -210 with Noons at +160. Cruickshank should be favored but Noons has a lot of power and could absolutely knock him out. I’m having a hard time picking this one. I’m cleaning Cruickshank slightly, but I might take Noons by the time the week is over. Yancy Medeiros vs. Joe Proctor Medeiros opened at -230, Proctor +170. Medeiros is now -280, Proctor +200. I guess Medeiros slightly, but this line is really off if you ask me. Proctor isn’t great, but he matches up decently with Medeiros, and I really think at this point the line indicates this is a dog-or-pass situation. Felice Herrig vs. Lisa Ellis Herrig opened at -380, Ellis +260. Herrig is now -300, Ellis +220. I think the opening line was too high and I’m not surprised the public has bet it down. I agree that Herrig should be the favorite but Ellis, in my opinion, is a live dog. It’s dog or pass for sure, as far as I’m concerned. Tecia Torres vs. Angela Magana Torres opened at -600, Magana +400. Torre is is now -600, Magana +400, so the line hasn’t moved, which honestly surprises me as I figured everyone would have stuck Torres in their parlays by now. She’s -600 for a reason, and that’s because she’s going to steamroll Magana and win this fight. Joanne Calderwood vs. Seo Hee Ham Calderwood opened at -565, Ham +375. Calderwood is now -530, Ham +350. Calderwood should absolutely win this fight and it seems clear the UFC wants her to as well as they booked her against a fighter who is not a natural strawweight. Calderwood is always a great bet and she should be a good parlay piece in this spot. Bed Rawlings vs. Heather Jo Clark Rawling opened at -270, Clark at +190. Rawlings is now -260, Clark +180. I’ve been high on Rawling for a while and I think she’s going to get by Clark in this fight, and I actually think she’s one of the safer picks on the entire card. Aisling Daly vs. Alex Chambers Daly opened at -285, Chambers at +205. Now Daly -270 with the comeback on Chambers +190. This is a pretty competitive fight, I think. Obviously Daly should be favored based on name value and the fact she is a bigger fighter, but I think Chambers can hang with her. I’m not betting this fight, but it’s dog or pass. Angela Hill vs. Emily Kagan Hill opened at -165, Kagan +125. Now Hill is -175 and Kagan is +135. Hill has very little MMA experience but I like her here, although I was hoping she would be the underdog. I just don’t think Kagan is a very good fighter, and her striking is really bad. If Hill can stop the takedowns, she should be able to keep this one standing and win.

Written by Adam Martin.

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