Rory MacDonald (+750) vs The Needle (-1100)

Rory MacDonaldShowing that he is more human than “Canadian Psycho”, Rory MacDonald on Tuesday (11/25/14) revealed that he suffers from a serious fear of needles. In an interview with UFC color commentator and comedian Joe Rogan on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, MacDonald opened up about his fear, admitting to having passed out during multiple blood tests and IV intakes. For most mixed martial artists, weight-cutting is the least desired part of being booked for a fight, but for the 25 year old, it’s the needle. “I hate it,” said MacDonald. As a UFC athlete, the newly crowned “Red King” generally faces the needle three times per fight; during a pre-fight physical, when receiving an IV intake after making weight, and for a post-fight drug test. Though, he does not literally face the needle, as he tries to look away, using the phone in his free-hand to distract him. Unfortunately, that tactic does not always work, as he often tends to pass out, which can sometimes prove to be dangerous. Not for MacDonald, but for his coaches and team-mates. “I almost attacked Firas (Zahabi, head coach at Montreal’s TriStar Gym) and a couple of other guys because I woke up and didn’t know where I was,” said MacDonald. The most interesting aspect of this story is the fact that unlike most people who live with a fear of needles, MacDonald did not have it growing up. It is a fear that was born in him four or five years ago, according to the current #2 ranked UFC welterweight. He was perfectly fine with needles all the way into adulthood, then one day during a pre-fight physical, he felt the fear for the first time and his conscious gave out. “I was doing blood work for a fight. I was at the hospital, and I passed out. Ever since then, it happens, so I have to be really careful about that,” said MacDonald. Rogan asked the Canadian if he has ever seen a psychologist about the issue. “No,” said MacDonald. “And I probably never will.”

Written by Gabe Killian

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