MMA Odds and Ends for Tuesday: Robert Drysdale Suspended For One Year

Robert-Drysdale The NSAC isn’t messing around anymore. The Nevada State Athletic Commission came down hard yesterday on UFC light heavyweight Robert Drysdale, suspending the 33-year-old fighter one year stemming from a failed drug test following the TUF 19 Finale back in July, in which the fighter had an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone (T/E) ratio. Drysdale’s T/E ratio was 12:1, while the NSAC’s limit is set at 6:1. In addition to being suspended for one year, Drysdale was also fined 33 per cent of his purse from the event, which equates to just over a $5000 fine. He also had his submission win over Keith Berish stricken from his record, and it was replaced with a looming No Contest. As well, for Drysdale to return to active competition, he will have to pass a drug test administered by the NSAC. I like Drysdale as a a fighter but he knew he lied on his paperwork to the NSAC by indicating he had not used TRT, and he absolutely deserves to be suspended. While in the past many fighters would have got off with a lesser suspension, I believe the NSAC made the right call here in giving him a one-year layoff from the cage, and hopefully he doesn’t try to cheat the system again because he’s a talented fighter and another drug suspension would almost certainly give cause for the UFC to cut ties with him, although I do expect the world’s top MMA promotion to keep him around following this suspension considering the lack of depth in their light heavyweight division. The only way fighters will stop using PEDs are if the drug tests get better and the sanctions get harder, and as we roll to the end of 2014, I believe this is the case. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are still a lot of guys cheating and I think the sport is still very dirty, but I do think the athletic commissions are on the right track by handing out longer suspensions when fighters are caught for PEDs. Drysdale is a good fighter and he has arguably the best ground game not only at 205lbs, but in the entire UFC, but if he can’t pass a drug test he is of no value to the promotion. He will certainly get another chance in the UFC next year (assuming he passes his drug test) and as a fan I’m looking forward to seeing him fight again, because he’s a real talent. I just hope he returns as a clean fighter, and not a cheater, because right now that’s how the public views him and I can’t blame anyone for giving him that label.

Written by Adam Martin.

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