Reasons to Bet on Brock Lesnar this Weekend at WWE Battleground 2014

Brock LesnarNashville, Tennessee will host the World Wrestling Federation’s ‘Night of Champions’ PPV headlined by the title bout between Brock Lesnar and John Cena. Despite the scripted nature of the WWE’s entertainment, Several Bookmakers has Lesnar, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, as a (-460) favorite with the comeback on Cena at (+320). Before you poo poo or guffaw, keep in mind that the WWE is a MAJOR entertainment corporation and that the results of the match are a very closely guarded secret, and is very much up in the air. Every time rumor spreads that Lesnar will destroy Cena again, there is a push and a comeback story line about Cena conquering the odds. It is a carefully crafted story where the company has to be flexible and ready to go either way with the story line depending on when real life shows up. And real life showed up. Lesnar’s contract is reportedly up after the PPV, and he is not easy to negotiate with. There are pervasive rumors that Lesnar wants to return to the UFC, and the way thing stands right now with the structures of both the WWE and the UFC, Lesnar stands to make more money with the UFC over the coming years. In Wrestling, Lesnar only works part time, and to be quite honest, the WWE has mishandled his character and his use. He won a historic match against the Undertaker and he captured the WWE title in a mauling of Cena that will be talked about for a long time to come, which set him up as ‘The Beast Incarnate’, a dominant and scary character. But remember, he was once a young WWE champion of 25 years old and he left the company back then. With his capacity to move back and forth with the UFC, it has made him a unique PPV commodity. And the UFC could sure use a ratings booster right about now. So who will win the match with Cena this weekend at ‘Night of Champions’? If Cena wins, his character continues down his Hall of Fame path, and the WWE does what they can to continue on without Lesnar, who will probably pop up for a year or two with the UFC. If he wins against Cena, and the WWE comes through with a hefty contract and a lucrative Wrestlemania date vs The Rock, Lesnar may be persuaded to stay. Or Lesnar could win the match, and go into negotiations strong, and do both. That is the point of the lines, we just don’t know. Is Lesnar coming back to the UFC? The mainstream media has picked up on the idea, and Lesnar is not saying a word about his plans. What is for sure if your an MMA fan or not, is that a lot of what happens will depend on the results of a professional wrestling match!

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