MMAOddsBreaker Staff Picks – UFC Fight Night 46

Something has decided to do for 2014 is to keep a running tally of our fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events. It all began with UFC Fight Night 34 at the beginning of the year and it continues with UFC Fight Night 46 tomorrow (July 16, 2014). After 23 events,  Brian Hemminger is in a tie for first place with the surging Adam Martin, picking fights correctly at a 65.6% clip thus far this year. With seven unanimous picks across the board on these 1o fights in total, the standings likely won’t be shifting much at all following this event. Without further ado: UFC Fight Night 46

 UFN 46  Gabe Killian  Adam Martin  James Lynch  Brad Taschuk  Brian Hemminger  Nick Kalikas
 Fight #1  Sampo  Sampo  Sampo  Sampo  Sampo  Sampo
 Fight #2  Donovan  Krylov  Krylov  Donovan  Donovan  Krylov
 Fight #3  Troeng  Troeng  Troeng  Troeng  Troeng  Troeng
 Fight #4  King  Pendred  Pendred  Pendred  King  King
 Fight #5  Seery  Seery  Seery  Seery  Seery  Seery
 Fight #6  Latifi  Latifi  Latifi  Latifi  Latifi  Latifi
 Fight #7  Parke  Parke  Parke  Parke  Parke  Parke
 Fight #8  McCall  McCall  McCall  McCall  McCall  Pickett
 Fight #9  Nelson  Nelson  Nelson  Nelson  Nelson  Nelson
 Fight #10  McGregor  McGregor  McGregor  McGregor  McGregor  McGregor
 Last Event  8-3  9-2  7-4  8-3  7-4  8-3
 Total Record  169-104  179-94  177-96  176-97  179-94  173-100

Everyone also has a draw and a no contest on their record due to the Johnny Bedford vs Rani Yahya and the Norman Parke vs Leonardo Santos bouts. Follow along on 2014 to see who pulls ahead!

Written by Brian Hemminger

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