Five Crazy TUF 19 Finale Prop Bets That Cashed Big

The Ultimate Fighter 18 - Pena v Moras Five crazy prop bets is a column featured on after every UFC event that highlights the biggest underdog prop bets to cash out from that card Here’s five crazy TUF 19 Finale bets that cashed big based on the closing odds at Several Bookmakers. Frankie Edgar wins by T/KO (+325)/Edgar wins in round 3 (+925) In the main event of the evening, Frankie Edgar dominated BJ Penn en route to a vicious third round stoppage win. This was the last fight of Penn’s career and for good reason as Edgar beat the stuffing out of him until referee Herb Dean mercifully stopped the bout late in round three. The prop on Edgar wins by T/KO cashed at +325, and the prop on Edgar wins in round 3 cashed at +925. Dustin Ortiz wins by decision (+395) In a flyweight bout that stole the show, Dustin Ortiz was able to outpoint Justin Scoggins en route to a close split decision win. It was a wild back-and-forth bout between the flyweights but the judges thought Ortiz did more and rewarded him with the W. The prop on Ortiz wins by decision hit at +395, so congratulations if you had that. Leandro Issa wins inside the distance (+321) In a bantamweight bout that ended up winning FOTN, Leandro Issa came back from being two rounds down to submit Jumabieke Tuerxun in the third round with a fantastic armbar. It was an incredible win for Issa and he pocketed $100k total in bonuses for his FOTN and POTN awards. The prop on Issa wins inside the distance hit at +321, so nice job if you bet it. Pat Walsh wins by decision (+353) In one of the worst fights of the card, Patrick Walsh took out Dan Spohn via unanimous decision to win his UFC debut. This was a very boring fight that consisted of a lot of laying on, but Walsh was the one on top for most of the bout and deserved to get the nod. The prop on Walsh by decision cashed at +353, a nice get for anyone who figured he’d outwrestle his opponent to victory. Sarah Moras wins by decision (+241) And in the second fight of the night, Sarah Moras of TUF 18 won a controversial unanimous decision over Alexis Dufresne. Although Moras’ workrate was higher than Dufresne’s, she was on the bottom for rounds one and three and it’s almost shocking the judges didn’t reward the fighter in top control with the decision win. Controversially or not, the prop on Moras by decision cashed at +241.

Written by Adam Martin.

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